Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Design Style

Something I think is kind of cool about the Internet* is how it allows me to get an idea for how different people live in different parts of the world. Andhari of Insomniac Lolita is a law student from Indonesia whose life I find rather fascinating, just because it's so different from mine. And she tagged me in this post. So I'm supposed to post one picture that represents my design style.

I kind of *cough cough* spent alot of time on this. The reason being that I'm kind of picky :/ I love sparse modern interiors, but for the most part I find them to be impractical. I mean, real people have STUFF. So as much as I love minimalistic design I would probably never do anything strictly modern with any space I had to work with. Plus I kind of LOVE shelves full of books.
Like Andhari I can't just post ONE picture.
*The list of things that I think are cool about the Internet is pretty much endless.


  1. Love those giant book shelves!

  2. I loveeeee a comfy couch near a huge book shelves like that. Perfect for a lazy Sunday morning :)

  3. I love all of it!

    P.S. I came across your blog and I really like it.

  4. i would love to have an entire wall filled with books. how fun!


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