Thursday, April 16, 2009


Those of you who do not read my blog via feed reader will have noticed that I did, in fact, get rid of the horrid green template that was causing me headaches. (Yay!) The paragraph formatting I was fighting with is now fixed and that puke green color has been replaced by my predictable grey.

I'm sorry, I can't get over how delightful the color grey is. Actually, I take that back, I'm not sorry.

My brother, Daniel, informs me that grey is a cop out because it can't decide to be black or white. At which point I have to explain to him WHY grey is such an amazing color. "You see Daniel, depending on what context you are using, black and white are not colors. If we are discussing colors as light, black is not a color, but the absence of color and white is the sum of all colors. If we are discussing colors as pigments, vice versa. But there are additional theories regarding this subject that are most intriguing..."

By the time I finished explaining how the universe works Daniel is gone and misses me summing up my pontifications with "So you see, grey is the coolest color ever because it is what is between the absence and presence of all color."

I am under appreciated.


  1. My signature thin coat is grey. With a bit of sparkles. Might be one of the clothing items I most treasured :P

  2. You are definitely under-appreciated! What an insightful explanation of the color grey (or gray)!

  3. Into the shades of grey thing, are ye? ;)


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