Friday, April 17, 2009

My word pictures really are the best ever.

Rainor: What does b-l-e-h mean?

Me: It's an expression of apathy, frustration and resignation.

Rainor: Isn't it impossible to be both apathetic and frustrated at the same time?

Me: You would think. This, however, is not the case.

Rainor: Ok... so how does one pronounce that?

Me: Bleh?

Rainor: Yeah, that.

Me: Imagine you ate four packages of oreos because you were bored, then you puked it all up at the same time that you were dying and reading Teach Your Child to Read in One Hundred Easy Lessons.

Rainor: *thinks for a moment* BBBLLLLEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Me: Yeah, pretty much.

Rainor: Oh, ok. Thanks.

Me: Anytime, my friend, anytime.


  1. I say blehhhh a lot.

    I'm not even gonna try to eat 4 bags of oreos, I hate puking. One will be good for me with stupid movie involved. I'm easy to please :P

  2. lol! You and your brother sound hilarious!

  3. Yes, they have their moments. But the weeks spent in their company for a few precious moments....

    I will let you decide

  4. Your insight is astounding!
    Frustration can be both a state of emotion and a state of being. It would be difficult to be apathetic-as-emotion and frustrated-as-emotion simultaneously, but:
    "Bleh" precisely and accurately expresses the sentiment of being apathetic-in-emotion, frustrated-in-being, and overall, resigned to this fact.



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