Friday, May 22, 2009

Breakfast with my Brother

Despite the fact that we live 15 minutes from the lovely little coastal town of Florence, we rarely go to the beach. And though we go to Florence often for groceries and the like, we rarely explore all of its darling little one of a kind shops and restaurants. This is usually due to the fact that we have babies with us that need to get home etc...
Yesterday, however, I had a very early dentist appointment and Rainor and I decided to take the opportunity of going to town by ourselves so we could enjoy the drive and perhaps check out some of Old Town. (Because my brother is really awesome he indulges me when I ask him to do fun stuff with me. I think he secretly likes to do girly things, but, of course, cannot admit it. What would he do without a sister like me? I don't know. I just don't know.)

It was a fabulous morning, despite the fact that it was 8:00, a time of day I most prefer to spend in bed. (Note, Mom, that Rainor is looking at the road, not the camera. In this picture. We're responsible. Really.)
After my appointment (Which went great, I love dentists. Really.) we went in search of someplace cool to eat. We drove through Old Town etc... but nothing really looked good. THEN we saw this place. It looked kind of like your typical diner from the outside.
But the inside was FABULOUS. You see there a custom made stained glass window of Heceta Head Lighthouse. There were also windows of the Port of Siuslaw and the Florence bridge, but there were people sitting in front of them and I felt awkward invading their space.
My first thought upon sitting down and looking around was "Oh. This is going to be a little more expensive than I thought..."
That did not stop Rainor, who is a slightly less broke than I am, from ordering a nine dollar omlette. Which, he informed me was awesome. He also made me try his hash browns which he claims are the best he's ever had. Now I have to find a recipe and try to duplicate then because, dang it, I can cook better than any restaurant!
This came with Rainor's meal - it's a biscuit the size of his face. We just looked at it. Then Rainor promptly ate it.
Due to being poor, I got this sandwich... which was about a million times better than an egg McMuffin. Seriously. There are not words.
I don't like black coffee, generally, but the stuff they served Rainor was so amazing that I hijacked it.

The downside to the whole deal was that the waiter had pretty much the worst handwriting ever. But hey, I can deal.


  1. The place looks good and very homey, we don't have a lot of homey diners here in Jakarta. You know diner is a concept here, found in a mall. That's no diner for sure. LOL.

  2. Ha! Your brothers shirt is great!! If two people both wearing that shirt met would there have to be a battle for supremacy?


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