Sunday, May 10, 2009

Chocolate Cheesecake Disasters and Babies

For those of you who are wondering, yes, there is a picture of Tommy at the end of this post. So those of you (losers) who are here only for the pictures and not for my witty commentary on life, you may scroll on.

Yesterday Maggie and I decided that we should make Mommy something special for Mother's day. Due to the fact that I've needed to be at home this past week to watch the little kids and help Mom as she is still recovering from Tommy's birth, I hadn't been able to make it to the store to buy her my usual Mother's Day gift (chocolate). So Maggie and I went to work. Or rather, I went to work and Maggie started eating jello.
You see there Tallulah, my pretty little macbook who I love so very much. Yes, I confess, I take her in the kitchen with me... My excuses are these: Firstly, the recipe I was using for chocolate cheese cake was from an online source and it was oh so convenient to have it handy. And secondly, I like to be online in case, you know, someone wants to talk to me. (Don't judge me! I don't get out much!)

'Nyways! I started work on the cheese cake and immediately got distracted by Maggie wanting MORE jello. As I politely acquiesced her request I started thinking about various things/people and I forgot that I had just put chocolate chips to melt on the stove. When I finally started paying attention to what I was supposed to be doing it was too late and the bottom had gone crunchy. The problem was that I had just used the last of the chocolate chips (and besides that we were out of cocoa powder) so if I fudged this up there was no recourse to be taken.
But, being the brilliant and resourceful girl that I am, I took Mom's kefir strainer and began to put the melted chocolate through this to get the crunchy bits out. It actually worked just as I intended it to, with one little hitch... it took so long to put it through the fine strainer. But I kept at it and eventually I had a nice little bowl of smooth chocolate to add to my recipe.
Oh, kitchen aid, how I love thee! How I only wish you had the guts to kneed dough properly! Luckily, I'm not making bread and finished putting everything together and stuck it in the oven. Meanwhile, back to the babies. I let them lick the bowl...

Maggie is a mess of jello and chocolate cheese cake batter.
Walter isn't any better. In fact, he's worse because he is spreading the mess all over the house. Destruction lies in in wake.
Maggie learned her superior, cynical glare from moi.

Walter did not learn his confused, stupefied look from me, clearly.

Finally the cheese cake is finished and carted off to the outside refrigerator where there is no chance of Mom seeing it before dinner time. After dinner I brought it out and she was surprised (or pretended to be) and we devoured it with a passion.

I was very pleased with how it turned out and the recipe is definitely a keeper.

Mother's Day presents that result in me eating tasty deserts are the best. (I love you, Mom, really.) Want some good Mother's Day reading? I posted THIS back during election season. Check it out.

And now, for the finale! Can I get an "AW!" in unison, please?


  1. I wouldn't really call it disaster because the cake looks good and I really should feel that I better live near you :P


  2. awwww he's adorable!!

    That one picture of Maggie looks JUST like you.


    I have no doubt I helped make you burn the chocolate by IM-ing you at an annoying time. Sorry. But the cake really does look great!! :D

  3. Indeed, Elspeth, I blame you, totally.

  4. Now I just check every post for a picture of Maggie doing the eyebrow thing. That probably makes me a different kind of loser. =)

  5. We make her do the eyebrow thing about 10 times per day. We are an entire family of losers!

  6. I also wanted to mention that was the BEST cheesecake I've had, bar none, and that is saying a lot as anyone who has ever had Margaret's cheesecake can attest.


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