Monday, May 25, 2009

Dun Da Da!

Silas flew in from Pittsburgh this weekend and asked me to marry him.

To no one's surprise (that I know of) I said "yes".
Us, shortly after he proposed.

For dinner we went to this fabulous place called Marche.
And we got this delicious lamb ragu. I'm not generally a fan of lamb, but this stuff - *sings* a-MA-zing!
Rhubarb/strawberry tart thing. Wonderful, despite being in the pie family.

There were also different kinds of bread and a really spiffy salad... but I was kind of too distracted to remember to take pictures. Actually, I was also kind of too distracted to eat very much. So most of my meal was boxed up to be eaten at 2:00 the next morning while I mulled over the evening with my friend Margaret.He's distracting. Obviously.
*happy sigh* (I get to use the word fiance now! Yay!)
Myself and two of Silas' sisters, Elspeth and Autumn, later that evening.

And because I know all that you really want to see is pictures:
For those of who are curious, we're planning on getting married around August.
And yeah, I'm moving to Pittsburgh (Woot! Woot!).
Peace out.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! =D (Thanks for all of the pictures!)

  2. Hi there, and CONGRATS!!!

    I am on an online board with your mom, and I enjoy following your 'musings' :)

    I just HAD to comment and tell you congrats! How very exciting, and I look forward to hearing more about the engagement time... the wedding and such.

    Your ring is absolutely beautiful! And both of you look so very happy. Again, Congrats!

  3. Nice catch Lizzie!!

    Congratulations =)

  4. CONGRATS!!! This has got to be one of your best posts...thank you for putting the pictures up promptly;) Haha!

  5. Those smiles tell the whole story....


  6. Wow! Congratulations!

  7. Woooow, I didn't even know you were seeing someone! Behind that times, I am! But. But. But. I'm SO EXCITED for ya, girl! :) Congrats and may God bless you both.

  8. Btw, I adore the layout of this blog - well done. :)

  9. awww, congratulations!! I'm so happy for you.

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  11. My only question is, what is it like to have such an amazing (almost) sister-in-law?

  12. Wowzers, congratulations! I'd love to hear more about him. :o)

  13. Engaged and moving? I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOUUUUUU!!!

  14. Elisabeth, or...Elizabeth? I thought you said you had a "z" in your name.

    I am glad to see your blog. Love the smile on your face in the pics. They speak treasures.

  15. Hi, there! I'm also on several message boards with your mom and occasionally pop in at the S&S forum. Congratulations to you! (I'm about an hour south of Pittsburgh btw.)

  16. Not that I'm a crazy stalker or anything, but I came to know the story of your engagement ring through enticing pictures of back entries. So. neat! It has also introduced me to the surprising world of etsy rings. I had no idea there are so many pretty jewelry on display there.


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