Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fabric shopping in Portland

On Saturday I went to Portland with my bridesmaid, Margaret, my maid of honor, Elspeth, Silas' sister, Autumn, Mrs. G. and Ryan, "The D.J." for the purpose of selecting fabric for my wedding dress. Margaret, Ellie, and Autumn also wanted to select fabric for their dresses for the wedding as well. Ryan was there to take advantage of an opportunity to drive in Portland and Mrs. G. came to make sure we made it back to Eugene alive. (Also I think she likes to spend time with us totally groovy girls, being real groovy herself.)
Mill End. The fabric store of a lifetime. We walked in and I was just overwhelmed by the goodness of it all. I just kind of wondered around aimlessly for a few minutes taking it all in.
Then I remembered I was supposed to take pictures. So I took an odd photo of Ellie and I being Ellie and I. No idea what is up with the wierd hand in the background. (But isn't my ring lovely?)
Margaret was totally feeling the cowgirl vibe that day.
Autumn spend a long time trying to find the perfect fabric for her dress.
She was pretty sure she wanted polka dots, so we looked at some. I thought the large polka dots would do very well for Margaret. They fit her clownish nature.
Autumn, Margaret and Ellie looking at the fabric that Autumn finally ended up selecting.
And there is our cart full of fabric. The very light grey is for my dress. The two darker greys are for Ellie and Margaret's bridesmaid dresses.
After all of our purchases were made M and A passed out in the car and tried to ignore Ryan's horrendous driving on the three hour trip home.
While the two Es enjoyed being fabulous.
The fabrics and ribbon for my dress. More to pictures to follow, never fear.

Stay tuned, I'll be posting pictures of my hat/veil soon as well.


  1. I want a Mill End Fabric store here!

    Your fabric looks lovely.

  2. Why in the world did it take you 3 hours to get home??

    I like the fabric, btw:)

  3. There's the polka dot fabric I had to leave behind. *sniff*


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