Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Looking back on Fake Crocs and the like.

This post is a part of 20SB’s Looking Back Blog Carnival. What's more, Ben & Jerry’s is awarding free ice cream to lucky bloggers and readers!

The point of this blog carnival is to show your readers how you have or haven't changed since you first began blogging. So here is a post of mine from the first month that I started blogging at this blog. It is entitled "Fake Crocs".
I remember the first person I ever saw wearing crocs when they came into vogue a couple of years ago. She was this very cool lady with freaky glasses who did story time at our library. Her crocs were bright yellow, and they were the real thing because they weren't popular enough yet at that point for people to make knock-offs. I commented to my Mother that I liked them and she said they were the ugliest shoes she'd ever seen. (A statement she has since made many times about my shoe collection...)

I wanted a pair. The thing was - most of my friends were of the cynical variety and immediately condemned crocs as the dumbest invention known to mankind. So for the past year or so I had been fighting with myself about whether or not to buy a pair. I don't have any other shoes like them, so it wouldn't be totally frivolous. Sam is always telling me how stupid flip-flops are, so this would be an acceptable alternative. And besides - I really, really wanted them.

On Sunday I broke down and bought my cheap wal-mart crocs knock-offs. I love them. Take that peer pressure. Nah!

And here is a picture of me rockin' my fake crocs on our yearly camping trip to the Rouge River:

Really, I don't think I've changed that much since then. Except I've gotten kind of long winded. But what the heck. When I talk to people in person I have to be nice and let other people talk. On my blog I shall pontificate at my pleasure.


  1. We are a crocs family for many years now. Yes... ugly... practical... totally! (or fake crocs... whatever. I personally like the fake ones better)

    A wonderful thing happened about 2 months ago....

    We got a Crocs store AT THE OUTLET MALL!!!

    CHEAP crocs... love it!

  2. If you win the B&J's ice cream will you give it to me? You know, for being so amazing all the time.

  3. No Lizzie, you (sadly in some ways) have not changed at all!


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