Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Trifle on my Twentieth

On Wednesday I turned twenty years old. When I was about ten my friend Emma inherited her great grandmother's autograph book from elementary school. We would look through it together and there were all these cute little rhymes about being friends forever. Girls used to, apparently, rely on phrases slightly more clever than "You're my BFF!" There was one little poem in particular that amused the both of us. It went like this:
Money is scarce and boys are plenty
But don't get married before you're twenty.
I guess that means it's ok for me to get married now. My ten year old self would approve. (I always pay attention to the important things in life - like whether or not my ten year old self would approve of my behavior. It has served me well. Mostly. Sometimes not. But mostly.)

So, anyways, for my birthday I made a wine trifle. This is possibly my favorite dessert ever. Ok, never mind. I take that back. That is too exclusive of a statement because it doesn't also include homemade chocolate pudding, chocolate cookies, chocolate truffles, mint chocolate chip ice cream, or Carmel. BUT it is, nevertheless, amazing. (My Mom thinks I over use the word amazing. What say you?)

To make trifle you need one yellow cake cut in slices like so:

Homemade raspberry jam. (My favorite jam ever. Bar none.)

Pudding. If you have time you should make homemade custard. If you don't - instant pudding works too.

Wine. My Nana uses a very sweet Loganberry dessert wine. I use Shiraz. If you were, like, over 21 you might also pour yourself a glass to consume whilst you bake, or something ;)

Ok, now you smear jam on the cake slice.

Then put another slice of cake on top to make a cake jam sandwich.
Then you put the cake sandwiches in the bowl and commence wine dousing. Use plenty.

Then start spooning on the pudding.

Smooth pudding all over the top and stick in the fridge for a couple of hours. Make some jello too.

Answer the door when the mailman comes. It might be chocolates from your sweetheart :)

*happy sigh*

After the trifle has chilled for awhile pull it out. Shred the jello and add a layer of that. Then top it off with whipped cream.

Note: You may NOT use cool whip. Absolutely not. No. No. And again I say no.
Add happy sprinkles and you're done! I've tried to put birthday candles in trifle and it kind of, sort of works. They do kind of sink a bit, though, like when you climb into a ball pit. You don't get totally submerged but just enough to make you feel like you can't breathe. That doesn't happen to you in ball pits? Nevermind.

Awesome hat was a present from my friend Laura. My mother told me I should glue it to my head the week before the wedding because I am sure to get sunburnt really badly if I don't. She's probably right. (I always say sunburnt. If you say sunburned you stink as a person.)Peace out and love to all, even those of you who say sunburned, I guess. I mean, you're reading this, so you have at least one redeeming quality, right?


  1. Thanks Elisabeth...your post made me laugh!

  2. That looks scrumptious!!
    Personally, I would have devoured the chocolates while I made the trifle ;)

    Happy Birthday! :)

  3. Happy Birthday! Sorry I missed it. Pray for poor Kate. She is MISERABLE.

  4. Those really look greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat, happy birthday to you!:)

  5. I have a graduation autograph book! You know, you need to sign it. I should bring to OR with me so you can.

    Trifle looks fabulous.

    I reccommend heeding the sage advice of your mother. Surely it is undesireble to be sunburned on your wedding.

    P.S.A disclaimer--I think these drugs are making me spell bad.

  6. Yofi trifle, but how does one shred jello?

  7. HA! That rhyme is so wrong on some many different points I don't even know where to begin.

  8. Yep. That rhym goes against just about everything Ellie has always believed.....


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