Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Veil

I knew early on that if I couldn't find/make something unique for my veil I would certainly not have a veil at all. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I am going to have a veil, and as you will imagine, this means I found/made something spectacular.
Now, you may not believe it, but this hat started out as this very cute, but also very horrible piece of work:
After my dentist appointment last week my brother and I went antique shopping. That is where I came across this hat. I could see the potential it had, even with all the fake flowers. My converse shoes (note in the top of the picture) give me special powers to see the future, and looking into my future I saw me wearing this hat on my wedding day.
Isn't it adorable on Maggie! I could see that this hat was a keeper, but the wedding budget is super tight and lately I've been keeping track of every single dollar I spend. There was no price on the hat. It was with a couple of other monstrosities of millinery that were priced in the twenties. I know that's hardly anything, but considering my budget - I winced. I plucked up the courage to ask the lady how much it cost, but not before I told Rainor "I adore this hat. But if it's more than five... no, seven dollars, don't let me buy it!"
Three dollars, my friends. Three dollars! (Don't laugh at my funky lip - I just had dental work done. Ick.) So, naturally, I bought it.
I took it over to my Nana's sewing room immediately so I could rip it to pieces.
Looking better already after only tearing off the fake flowers and ratty veil.
This was really not as easy as it looks. I think the person who made this hat intended it to be worn in a hurricane because not only was the fabric covering it sewn on with super thick thread, but he/she had sewn every seam FIVE TIMES!
Finally, stripped bare. I then went about recovering the pieces I had take off with grey fabric. I have almost no pictures of this because it was a very frustrating process for me. I know pretty much nothing about millinery and the construction of hats. Yeah. I learned alot. In a very short amount of time.
Recovering it in such a way that NO seams were visible was difficult, but finally accomplished.
The decoration part was easy as pie, of course. I had bought freshwater pearls from someplace online to use on my dress or whatever else and I decided to use them on my hat. I made the fabric flower myself - it was super easy. The guinea feathers I had envisioned fitting into my attire for some time and were easy to attach.
I can't wait to marry Silas. And wear this hat. But I would even marry Silas without the hat.
But come on, Silas AND this hat? How lucky am I?


  1. Yeah, converse shoes are kinda amazing like that.

  2. Can I just say that I'm *really* enjoying these posts? Your style is very different - in a good way!

  3. So elegant! I love the pearls on it...I think having the veil on it gives a little nod to tradition that is very sweet..


  4. Ok. oops that comment was not from Andre..

    Mrs. P

  5. I love it! I love keeping up with your wedding plans too! Now I wish I could come to the wedding ;)

  6. The hat definately matches the shoes. The guinea feathers were the perfect choice. And how creative. Its beautiful and stylish in a singular way.

  7. I forgot to ask, was the fabric you took off the hat hand stitched or machine stitched?

  8. It was machine stitched. And I know I've mentioned this, but with SUPER thick thread!

  9. Yeah, Converse can do that to you.

  10. Beautiful + clever!! Can't wait to see wedding photos!


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