Monday, July 6, 2009


On the 4th of July several families from our church get together to eat, play badminton and watch the neighbor's illegal fireworks display. While Silas was still far away in Pittsburgh (sad face) I was still able to hang out with his family on the 4th. Silas has a sister who is a couple years older than Maggie and her name is Hanni. We were playing doubles (badminton) and Hanni was on my team, so we were hanging out, when she began to share her sweet little girlness with me.

Hanni: You know how when, at the wedding, you're supposed to say 'I do'?
Me: Yeah?
Hanni: Well, I was just thinking, instead, you should say 'You're weird!'
*hysterical laughter on the part of both Hanni and myself*
Silas's sister, Elspeth, is my maid of honor and as such she takes pleasure in teasing me at every opportunity that presents itself. (Not that I really mind, I dish it out too...) Anyways, she declared that I looked like a pig. Hanni took offense at this and immediately declared "You do NOT look like a pig. You look like an engaged person!" Ellie and I laughed over this for a minute, but while we were doing this Hanni rethought her position in the matter. "Actually, " she said, after a short pause "You look like a pregnant person."
Thanks, Hanni.
But the crowning moment of all our giggling was when we were discussing her being a flower girl and she stated that she didn't like the word "cute" and hated when people caller her that. She much preferred "pretty". I remarked that I thought Silas was cute. This was, apparently, the most horrific thing I could have said to her. Hanni's face contorted in shock and disgust. "OH. MY. GOODNESS. DO NOT TELL MY MOTHER!" she exclaimed. Ellie tried to explain that "When people get married they always think the other person is cute." while laughing. "Oh," Hanni sighed "That just CRUSHED me."
Oh, life is good and little children are cute. Sorry, Hanni, not cute, pretty.


  1. Yeah, Hanni is pretty much the most awesome little chick I know :)

  2. She kinda sounds like me. I made a long rant in a post about hating it when people call me cute. But maybe because I'm so much older than Hanni. ANd wanna be taken seriously sometimes lol

  3. I can totally picture Hanni saying every word of that....

  4. This had KC and I both laughing out loud together.
    What a hoot!

  5. Aww, how sweet! Children do say the cutest things!


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