Friday, July 31, 2009

A lack of apology, a vacation and married mail, among other things.

I absolutely refuse to apologize for my lack of posts this week. Know why?
#1. Because I've been so busy I can't even sit down and think. Seriously. Not even kidding. Which kind of explains the unthoughtoutedness of this post.
#2. I left my camera will all my pictures from Camp Dwight at a friend's house, two hours away. This is very distressing for me. Hoping she will mail it to me so that I can have it back soon.
#3. It has been SO FREAKING HOT I don't hold myself responsible for any of my behavior this week. Anyone who lives in Oregon will immediately understand what I'm saying and pardon me even thought I'm not asking to be.

So take THAT for a lack of apology! 'Sides, it's my blog and if I want to only post once a month - fine then! *Sigh* I realize this is all very mature and such. I DO apologize for being immature and stupid. Well, at the very least for being immature... cause I can't help being stupid. No one can. I remind myself of this often when the urge to kill stupid people takes me, as I am sure it takes us all.

'Nyways. Tomorrow our family is embarking on our yearly camping trip to the Rogue River. (Thus the trying to get a million things done this week.) I am really looking forward to it because it's my last family vacation before I get married, because I love to camp, because I love to snorkel, and because I could really use a break from wedding planning.

But at the same time I'm kind of feeling a little bit worried because by the time I return from camping the wedding will be just two weeks away. And since a number of guests and Silas, are coming in a week early (YAY! *happy dance*) this really only leaves me with one week to get a ton and a half done. Am I feeling guilty for dropping everything and going to play for a week? You bet your sweet bippy.

But I'm going. And I'm going to have a good time, dang it! Really, I am. I'm getting happy about it just thinking about how much fun I'm going to have and what a good time it will with be with my family. Also refusing to think about how sunburned I'm going to be. (Hopefully there will be no horrible tan lines to deal with on our wedding day...)

And with that, I leave you. No, I take it back, with THIS I leave you.


  1. Oh, don't apologize. I for one would rather go to your well planned wedding and no blog post's then have a blog post every day with a lame wedding.

  2. You may want to blur your address...

  3. Just so you know, we're having a wonderfully cool summer in KY! I think we've only had the air conditioning on half the time this summer. And a LOT of rain, so there's a really good corn crop.

  4. please, don't apologize, you have your own fabulous things to do and an awesome wedding to prepare!:)

    ps. it is awesome!


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