Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More Wedding Things

I'm going to offer you a few glimpses of the projects I'm currently working on. Don't you feel special? Well, don't feel too special cause I also have a question regarding wedding etiquette that I want your help with in exchange for all the eye candy. Capiche?

Project #1: Wedding cake topper.
I knew from the beginning (of what, I leave you to speculate) that when Silas and I got married I wanted us to have a cake topper that looked like us. I am incredibly plain and normal looking, so finding something that looked like me was easy. Silas, however, is a character to behold and impossible to replicate in some sort of generic cake topper.

So I went about pricing cake toppers. After deciding I didn't want said item to cost as much as the THREE wedding cakes I'm making, I made this:
And yes, I am way pleased with how it turned out.

Project #2: Painting for guest book table.

Project #3: Silas's vest for the wedding.
I am making Silas's vest for the wedding. Because I have never made a piece of men's clothing before. Because Silas isn't here to have it fitted to him so I have to make it based purely on his measurements (Thus, a challenge.). Because I get to learn a new technique (welt pockets). Because I get to pick out the fabric and buttons myself. And because I really, really, wanted to do it.
It is, at this point, half way done and looking brabulous (I can butcher the word fabulous if I want to. So THERE.) I shall post pictures of the pockets when they are completed.

Random thing:
Someone told me lately I have been really laid back about everything regarding the wedding. I did a happy dance because that has been my goal from the beginning. Not to take on any projects that were way too stressful. And not to get upset about things that just don't matter (Which is almost everything, honestly.). How did I manage this, you ask? I will tell you:
I put this file on my desktop. And every time I start to get edgy I pull it up, smile, and get on with it.

Ok, guys, now is the time for you to repay me for posting all the wedding plans. I have a dilemma. Silas and I have received a few wedding gifts, some from the registry, some monetary, from people who will not be attending the wedding. Should I sent a thank-you card now, or after the wedding?

Yes. I did actually make that sound like a life or death question. I realize the point is for people to be thanked. But if there is some sort of protocol for such things I'd like to follow it. So help me out here, people!


  1. Send it after the wedding. That's how I've alwasy seen it done. And because you should alwasy do what I say.

    Someone told you that you were really laid back? Oh, how sweet, what an amazing friend!! Exactly what you needed. This would be a better place, people would be so much more happy and there would be less death if everyone had a friend that amazingly awesome.

  2. Oh my, aren't we humble!?!

    And I ACTUALLY wasn't talking about YOU.

  3. Well, dearie, I'd go ahead and write, address and stamp the notes, and mail them as soon as you can after you've been married. Or, have some trusty soul mail them for you. No matter what, always, always send timely thank-you's. That's a lesson I learned the hard way, though it has been well worth the learning.

    By the way, I can't wait to see you two married!

  4. Capiche is a good word. And I like the cake topper. And pretty much everything else, too.

    I'm totally ignorant about the ettiquette thing- I'd just follow the advice of the last comment. (But whatever you do, make sure the Humble Maid Of Honor gets the duty of mailing them :P)

  5. I am becoming more and more (and more) disgruntled that we're missing your wedding because your creativity is stunning and amazing. =) LOVE the cake topper. Absolutely LOVE it!

    As for thank you notes -- I think the Thing to Do Today is not send thank you notes at all. Either that or wait EONS to do so. (For the record, I despise the latest trends.) I have no idea what the PROPER thing to do is. I know that when I've written thank you notes promptly, I always receive a nice note back saying how much the promptness was appreciated - as was the card itself. I think you can't really go wrong though if you just send them out in a reasonable time frame (i.e., within a month).

  6. I vote for sending them after the wedding along with all the others.

    I say! Your creativity is awesome and inspiring. Its fun to read about your wedding plans and glean ideas from you. Thank you!

  7. I like the cake topper! so creative! About the thank you cards well I agree with the previous commenters, write them now but send it after the wedding :)

  8. Your cake toppers are adorable! Sculpey clay? I think that when someone gives you a gift for an event, they don't expect a thank-you until after the event. But no one is going to say "OMG, I can't believe how rude they are sending me a thank you note before they are even married!" Unless, perhaps, they gave you sexy underwear...he he

  9. Oh my word. That is the best cake topper ever. :D

    Yeah, send the thank you after the wedding..

  10. I, too, vote for sending it after the wedding. The thing about wedding gifts(and I'm not saying I think it could happen to you)is that sometimes something happens and the wedding is canceled and the gifts have to be returned.

  11. Oh my. SOMEone used my word.
    And didn't give me credit.

    And, if I remember correctly, this same person has in the past mocked ME for saying it...

    You now owe me a commission for every subsequent usage of the word "brabulous".

  12. You stole that word from Margaret without credit? Shame on you!


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