Friday, July 24, 2009

My Life in Comic Form

I'd really like to be at Comic-Con right now, despite the fact I have a million things to do, and despite that fact that their website looks horrific. In honor of said convention I created a comic. This is a day in my life:
Click on the comic to enlarge it.


  1. Your comic is really very good. I love it. Your pictures are expressive and funny. I've never known someone with such universal talent. You are amazing!

  2. That's adorable. The cutest comic I've ever seen :)

  3. Accurate, too. It shows you on the computer all the time!

  4. That was GREAT!

    Poor Christa was having a really bad hair day.

  5. Your comic is great! It's amazing you can draw and everything like a super woman.

    ps. I jeard Rpattz is at comic con, i die a little inside :p


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