Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Questions and Answers Part 2

People continue to ask me a ton of questions about the wedding. Here are some of the questions I have most commonly received over the last couple weeks and their respective answers. Well, the appropriate ones, anyway, nothing like getting engaged for opening yourself up to a bunch of impertinent questions. And of course, I am always way too polite to say "That is none of your [expletive] business."

I can't make it to the wedding; are you going to live stream it? This is in the works. We will do so if we can manage it. If you have suggestions on how to get Internet to a semi remote location please let me know via email or the comments section :)

If Silas is in Pittsburgh, how are you communicating? Silas and I met while participating in a test study for applied telepathy. The results were extremely satisfactory and that is our preferred method of communication. We do, however, occasionally communicate via lower tech means such as IM and Skype.

Have you heard from Silas lately? How is he? Yes I've heard from him lately and he appears to be just fine.

Are you doing anything weird at the wedding? Perhaps. I guess you'll have to just wait and find out.

How is the dress coming? It's done! It looks fabulous. I'm extremely pleased with it and I can't wait to show you all. I think though, that I will just show you the details and leave the full effect for wedding pictures. After all, the wedding is only about 40 days away!

Are you freaking out yet? Um. Kinda. I find that when I start to freak out, though, I talk to Silas and I'm all done freaking out :)

Where are you registered... again? (Seriously, I've had more than one person ask me this multiple times.), Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and Frederick's of Hollywood. (Note: the latter is an underwear registry. Don't say I didn't warn you. Really, though, I'm getting married, peoples, don't act so shocked.)


  1. HA! Well, at least it's *your* wedding people are asking about!! People only want to hear me talk about you and the wedding now. Now, when people ask me if I like you it's so very tempting to stop saying what people want to hear ("yeah, she's really sweet") and say something really out there. I have so many different evil things I could say about you. *evil laughter*
    Your good name is in MY HANDS!!!! *more evil laughter*

  2. I loooooveee your idea on live streaming :) that's something I won't miss! Send me the link, okay?:)

  3. Live streaming it would be great!! :) HA!

    You think getting engaged opens people up to crazy questions and horrid advice.... first time pregnancy and first baby top that even more.

  4. E, you never fail to make me laugh. :D Congratulations again, my dear! I wish you and your man the greatest happiness. :) I'm sure you're wedding will be wonderful.

  5. Best wishes! I'm very happy that you've found someone. :)

  6. Ellie, you should definitely say "NO!" when people ask you if you like her. It will make for an interesting study of facial expressions.


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