Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Adventures in Marriage

Silas and I are now safely home in the Burgh of Pitts after roughly 12 days of road tripping/honeymooning. When either of us are asked how our trip was we both respond "Amazing." Two more laid back than Silas and I, there are not. And let me tell you, a laid back attitude is what makes a road trip enjoyable. (Besides, you know, being with the coolest bearded (or non-bearded) dude ever.)

In our travels we went from Eugene, Oregon, to Portland, Oregon, to Spokane, Washington, to Moscow, Idaho, to Helena, Montana, to Wall, South Dakota, to Iowa City, Iowa, to Indianapolis, Indiana, and finally we arrived in Pittsburgh.

We stopped along the way to see friends and family and we saw country that neither of us had seen before. It was decided that Wyoming was definitely the most boring/loathsome state that we drove through and that South Dakota was the most unexpectedly nice. I loved Silas's friends that we visited, he loved my family that he met for the first time. There were no accidents and almost everything went smoothly.

Note, I said "almost". There have been two things that have gone every so slightly awry, and I fully intend to share these unfortunate/hilarious happenings with you.

Thing #1. My dear readers, you will be grieved to learn that my camera stopped working two days after the wedding. And as such, I have a total of 4 pictures from our honey moon and what's more, they consist entirely of Silas and I blowing huge bubbles out of chewing gum.

I remembered that we had bought a one year warranty for the camera from Sears, so when we arrived in PA I rifled through the boxes until I found it. I made this discovery. My warranty expired on August 24th. THE SAME FREAKING DAY MY CAMERA BROKE!!!
(Insert mad/frustrated/ironic dance.) Gah! So on top of not having any honeymoon pictures, it looks like it will be quite awhile before I will be able to post pictures of Pittsburgh or our adorable little apartment.

Thing #2. As we rolled into Pittsburgh we called up our landlady to pick up the key to our apartment as we were supposed to take possession that day. She gave us the information we needed then asked "Well, you're not planning on staying there tonight, are you?" to which we responded "We are paying this thing called rent to stay there, so yes I THINK WE ARE?" There was a pause. "You know that the power is not hooked up, right?"

So began our experience of unloading a moving truck in the dark, taking showers by flashlight, and hanging out at coffee shops to charge up laptops. (I am writing this from the apartment where I have wifi, but no power. Thank goodness for decent macbook batteries.) Initially, it seemed we would not be able to get power till next week sometime but Silas and I made some phone calls and they are supposed to send someone out tomorrow. That would be really nice. Really, really nice.

But despite these funny little hangups (which have amused me greatly) it has all been a fun adventure! I'm loving being married to Silas and can't wait to get the kitchen unpacked, get a sewing machine, and meet the rest of Silas's friends. (Thank you, Lville people, for helping us move. I owe you all cupcakes. But first I need electricity. So they will be a little delayed.)


  1. *laughs so hard*

    Chewing gum bubbles?

    Honestly, from what I hear of you both, I really think that these are the best sort of honeymoon pictures you can get in so far as photos of such momentous holidays need to reflect the personality of the subjects.

  2. Aww I still wanna see your picturing blowing up bubble gums though, cute I bet?:) the road trip sounds so interesting! I hope you guys get your power soon..and camera..I mean you always bake lovely goodies, I wanna see them :D

  3. Lizzie, I feel your camera pain. I found out my laptop has a bad motherboard the week after the warranty expired. Grandpa's letting me use his. Don't ya love Grandpa C? P.s. Can you send me your new address?

  4. Oh that is simply horrible about your camera, but you'll still have the great memories even without the pics.

    When Tony and I were on our honeymoon in Disneyworld, we honestly just didn't want to carry the camera around with us. But then we felt guilty that we wouldn't have any pictures so we ran around like crazy people on the last day of our honeymoon trying to snap some pics just so that we'd have some. Ha!

    And when we got to our house the first night, the waterbed leaked.

    Crazy stuff like that just makes for really good stories. Enjoy every minute!

  5. Yeah Lizzie. Glad y'all had a safe trip. Love you,

  6. We weren't crazy about Wyoming either! I'm glad your trip was fun, though, despite the two "troubles".

    Have a very bright, very cheerful day!
    Miss Eyebright


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