Saturday, September 26, 2009

G20 protests and the forthcoming multitude of wedding photos.

Yesterday was the last day of the G20 here in Pittsburgh. Things were pretty crazy during that time. There was an anarchist march/protest and tons and tons of fascist riot police all over the place, not to mention security helicopters etc... In case my words are not painting the picture for you - check this out:

Thankfully, the Pittsburgh populace seems to have slipped back into their former peaceful ways since then and I am hoping very much that when we take the bus downtown tomorrow, to attend church, that all is right with the world once again. Or at least as right as it was 4 days ago. You know.

As of Monday I plan, as promised, to begin posting pictures from our wedding. I've been slowly sifting through the many that I have and I am now ready to begin sharing them. There are, however, such a number that I am going to post them in a series of posts instead of one monstrous one. So I'm just giving you a heads up about that.

It's weird to be going through our wedding pictures because I look at them and think "Ha! Look at us - that was such a long time ago." when it was, in fact, just a little over a month ago. I asked Silas about it and he agreed, our wedding seemed like forever ago. And yet, old married couples look at us and laugh and remark on us being newlyweds. I can't wait till Silas and I are an old married couple.

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