Monday, September 21, 2009

My Husband and I

My sister called this weekend to (among other things) complain about the lack of pictures of Silas and I together on my blog. This was originally the case because my camera broke. But this ceased to be the case when one of Silas's very amazing friends was so kind as to gift us a camera (!!!). So because I love my sister and because I never tire of posting pictures of my husband (Who is pretty much the most adorable thing ever!), I am going to post some pictures.

I've been kind of overwhelmed with unpacking and settling into a routine here in Pittsburgh, so that is why I haven't blogged all that often of late. But I'll be getting back into the swing of things in the next week or so; hang on, I'll start producing mildly amusing content presently. I have a bunch of funny stories and tons of wedding pictures to post. Until then, enjoy pictures of myself and my bearded husband.

These last two pictures make me happy. The first is a picture of Silas's parents, the second is a picture of Silas and I. The similarity cracks me up.


  1. You only look MILDLY happy . . .


  2. Um... did you pierce your ear lobes?

  3. ahhhh! I love your pictures! Makes me kinda jealous, but I'm so happy for you! keep em coming!

  4. You look so happy Elisabeth! I really enjoy getting to see pictures of you and Silas.


  5. Thank you Lizzie!
    *makes happy face*

  6. Love the comparison you found between yourselves and your inlaws in those pics:)And, your little braiding project revealed that Silas does indeed look a lot like his dad!

    Mrs. P.

  7. Wow, Elisabeth! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

    Hey! We don't know each other, but last summer you commented on my blog, and I browsed through your blogs. Just yesterday I was searching for more blogs of fellow rebelutionaries, so I clicked on your name again, and I saw your profile said "wife." I didn't think you'd been married last I scrolled through your blog until I found your wedding pictures! :D I pray that the Lord will continue to bless your marriage...keep on Doing Hard Things! :)


  8. They do looklike you guys.

    It makes me smile seeing how happy you guys are :)

  9. You two look so happy in love!!! It makes me smile to look at your pictures. I love the picture of you two drinking your drinks... that is a colorful happy picture!

    Keep 'em comin'!


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