Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Our house - From the middle of the street.

I happen to be a huge fan of the adorable little mail box attached to the front of our house. (These little things about the city make me positively giddy.)

Just ignore the Pittsburgh Penguins banners in the window... that part of the house belongs to our psychotic neighbor. (No, really, he actually has issues.)
Isn't our street just the cutest thing ever!
Silas's amazing piece of pottery plus citrus.
View of the kitchen through the room we are calling the den. Note the awesome bar. Perfect for entertaining.
Front stairs.
I like this little shelf.
The living room isn't exactly tidy and neat just yet...
I get a kick out of the fact that the books on top of the speakers consist of my poetry collection and Silas's computer programming books.

Our whole house is filled with gifts from people that we love. It's such a blessing to look at everything around us and see that this thing that we use everyday is from this person, and this from this person. It's like our friends are all around us even though they're far away. We are very blessed people.


  1. I like how it has yellow exterior, really sets you out differently from the rest :)

  2. First apartments are so fun!! Loren and I still reminisce about the apartments we shared when we were first together.

  3. This is the perfect first house really.
    It's so adorable!

  4. Very nice! Silas did an excellent job of picking it. I have to send you the fresh salsa recipe I got from Cara H., it has lime in it, very tasty.


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