Monday, September 28, 2009

Snider Wedding Photos Part 1; Getting Ready

August 22nd dawned beautifully. It was immediately clear that the weather would be splendid for the outdoor wedding Silas and I had been planning for the past three months. The morning was spent setting tables at the wedding site, making signs that said "Snider Wedding", pom poms, and finishing the paper flower bouquets for the bridesmaids.

My Nana had prepared a brunch for the wedding party, our families, and our out of town guests from Pittsburgh and Kentucky. So before we all started getting ready for the wedding, which started at four, we ate the delicious meal she prepared for us. Yes, Silas and I ate together, and as such, we saw each other before the wedding. Ha. Take that, convention and superstitious lore!

Then the fun begins. My bridesmaids, Ellie (Silas's sister), Christa Joy (My sister), Katie (My childhood friend from Kentucky), and Margaret (Good friend of both Silas and I), along with my friend Natalie who was going to take pictures for us, headed up to the house we had planned to prepare for the wedding in.

Margaret lacing up my corset.

Elspeth and Katie fixing their hair.
Ellie had some trouble, so Margaret gave her a hand.
I got to fix my sister's hair. She'd been worried about how to do her hair for the wedding since Silas and I got engaged.
I'm not quite sure what Margaret is doing in this picture... Possibly applying cover up over mosquito bites? Possibly just admiring her striking figure in the mirror.
While I'm doing my own hair there is some emergency (which I do not now recall) which required the employment of my problem solving skills.

I'm so glad the girls were there to help me get dressed. I would never have accomplished it on my own without hurting myself.

Emergency #2
Elspeth helping me fasten my over skirt in place.
Details from the front of my bodice.
The inside of my bodice.

Buttoning up the bodice. "Margaret... I think my phone is ringing again...""Elspeth can you please take care of it!? My phone is in my purse."
"She can't talk right now, she's being buttoned into a bodice and is not capable of exhaling at the moment."
Donning stockings.
Christa put my shoes on for me. I wasn't capable of bending over far enough to do it myself.
Katie tying my shoes.
She's such a dear.
All ready to head to the wedding site. Only thirty minutes late!

Stay tuned for Snider Wedding Photos Part 2; The Wedding Party

All photos in this post courtesy of Natalie Poindexter.


  1. YAY! I'm so glad you are posting pictures so that those of us who couldn't be there could see.

    I love getting ready photos in general. They make for good story telling.

  2. Why do I look so pissed off in all the wedding pictures? I swear I was happy for most of it.
    Next to the crazy dancing after you two left, getting dressed was my favorite part of the day. And I love all the pictures Natalie took. They are all amazing.

  3. I love how cute your dress is! Everyone looks so pretty.

  4. Not all of them, Ellie. There's that one where it's only the back of you...

    Anyways, I love these! I had kinda forgotten that they existed.

  5. "our out of town guests from Pittsburgh and Kentucky." And Minnesota!

    I love these pictures. I wish I had been there to take pictures of you gals getting ready, but I was babysitting the kids. Oh well!

  6. I am sooo glad to FINALLY read about what happened! :D I sooo wish I could have come. Love you!

  7. I love that picture with you and me!

  8. These are fantastic! Way to go Natalie.


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