Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Snider Wedding Photos Part 2; The Wedding Party

I am really excited about this post because these are pictures of our dear families and best friends. We took pictures before the wedding so we would have time to party uninterrupted afterwards. Like I said before, Silas and I had no superstitions about seeing each other before the wedding. Enjoy!
The entire wedding party.
Row 1: Christa Joy, Katie, Margaret, Ellie, Myself, Silas, Ian, Paul, Nathan, Luke
Row 2: Johannah, Maggie and Peter
Silas and his best man, Ian. Silas and Ian have been friends since childhood.
Myself and my maid of honor, Elspeth, who also happens to be Silas's sister.
Myself and the flower girls, my sister Maggie, and Silas's sister, Johannah.
Silas and his groomboys. Ian excepted, they are all his brothers.
Myself and my bridechicks.
Groomsmen silliness.
Bridesmaid silliness.
I'm particularly fond of this picture. The groomsmen are such a bunch of good looking guys.
And the bridesmaids are just gorgeous.
Silas and I and my three eldest siblings. It was just us four for many years.
Silas's family.
Row 1: Ellie, Autumn, Mrs. Snider, Mr. Snider, Silas, Myself, Luke, Paul, Nathan
Row 2: Johannah, Peter, Abraham
My family.
Silas, Myself, Mom, Sam, Christa, Daniel and Rainor
In arms: Tommy, Walter and Maggie
The bride and groom.

Stay tuned for Snider Wedding Photos Part 3; The Ceremony

Photos courtesy of Natalie Poindexter and Jenny Bunch.


  1. oooo... Those are such pretty pictures! They photographers did a good job!


  2. I think that is the most amazing wedding photos i have seen. You two are a wonderful looking couple. Too bad I couldn't buy you a garbage can! lol!!!!! xxxxoo Miss Mary

  3. dding so muchhh, so 1920's or something really. From the groomsmen's outfits and everything. Wow.

  4. OOOH! So awesome! those are so gorgeous and fun pictures! :)


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