Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wordless Wednesday; Perfect pie crust - Mother please be proud!


  1. Very impressive! Any tips for me? You know I'm hopeless with pie crust.

  2. May I say... you're blog is beautiful? I found it via the Feelin' Feminine twitter, as Jocelyn (my sister)runs that and I saw her tweet on the home page of that account.

    I didn't realize it was you who did the Twist on FF for the Hair category. I was just looking at all your beautiful wedding photos and saw that it was the same hairstyle. Lo and behold I go to the post and see that on it you said you had used it for your wedding! It was beautiful, as was the wedding from the photos. :)

    I am a twitter and blog friend of Ellie and Autumn's and Jessica and the other gals they tweet with. I had heard that her brother was getting married but didn't know you had a twitter or blog! Amazing...

    And, as for the pie crusts, they look awesome. I prefer pumpkin pie as I don't like baked fruit. :) I bet your hubby appreciated those. :) Great job on the wedding cakes too, they were gorgeous. I especially liked the groom and bride figures. Did you make those yourself?

    Many blessings to your new life with the man you love -
    ~Miss Rachel


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