Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Glazed Apples and Sausage

Silas recently introduced me to a book called "More with Less" a cookbook of his childhood. He told me that as children he and his eight siblings dubbed it the "Less with More" cookbook. But don't let its trite title and modest cover fool you, this book is a fabulous resource. It's a collection of recipes from Mennonites that focus on the creation of simple foods that are both healthy and inexpensive.
Most of the recipes have specific measurements etc..., but as I was flipping through the book I saw this recipe submitted by a woman who described herself as "An old Mennonite grandmother" and there were no measurements, just a series of instructions. What's more, her recipe sounded amazing. Here is my version of her recipe.
Begin with four apples sliced and cored Leave the skins on, though, as they are vital for keeping the apple together as it cooks.

Get out a largish skillet. This is the skillet I used. It's the biggest one I own and if I was going to be making dinner for more than Silas and I the stockpot would have to have been pulled out. (Also, isn't that tea kettle LOVELY!? It was a bridal shower gift. Every time I look at it I get happy.)

Slice up four five inch sausages and add them to the skillet. We happened to have these chicken sausages in the freezer from before Silas and I got married, so I used them. But anything of the "conglomerated meats stuffed in intestines" variety would work.

Next, add a white syrup. One could use corn syrup, but that stuff will kill you scares me. So I suggest you make a simple sugar syrup.  I didn't end up doing this because Silas had made a big batch of simple syrup for mixed drinks about a week before I made this recipe, so I had some on hand. I added roughly 1/2  a cup.

Then I added 1/3 a cup of sugar, a tsp. of salt and a stick of butter.

 Just look at these ingredients. How could this NOT be good?

Now just let it simmer until there is a glaze over everything.

Mmmmmm. This picture is all steamy.
I served this with corn bread and Silas and I both loved it.
This made enough for Silas and I to eat for dinner and enough for him to pack the leftovers for lunch the next day. So roughly four servings. The only thing I didn't like was that if felt too sweet to me. So next time I make this I think I'll use less sugar and syrup and I will add something savory, like onions or broccoli.


  1. Ok this looks AMAZING...only without any of the sugar. lol. :)

  2. Hmm, that does look kind of good! It certainly sounds like a Mennonite recipe! :D

  3. Yum! and I agree about the corn syrup


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