Monday, November 9, 2009

I Thank Thee With Pot

Last week, as I sent off five more thank-you cards, I noticed that there was something vaguely familiar about the leaf on the front of the card. I had bought the cards after my bridal shower and since I liked them I had bought a great quantity of them, anticipating a future need for thank-you cards. I used them for thank-you cards for my bridal shower and more recently as thank-you cards for wedding gifts.

In my mind I was associating the leaf with something important but I was at a complete loss to recall what it was. Then, suddenly, while discussing the issue of the legalization of drugs with some friends, it came to me. There was a stylized marijuana leaf on the front of the thank-you cards I had been sending out.

This is a marijuana leaf:

This is one of the cards in question:

I find this utterly hilarious. (Or as Silas would say "I was hilarified.") For half a second I was worried about certain people of my acquaintance being offended by this strange resemblance. But I decided that no one would notice except the people who live in Eugene and the people who live in Eugene wouldn't care anyway.

Right? I mean, that's a totally logical conclusion...


  1. I would actually think you'd pick that out on purpose :-)

    btw I think this is the third post where I have left the first comment. Somewhat creepy and stalker like. I shall wait for someone else to post the first comment next time ;)

  2. I think that's hilarious! If I had gotten the card, I would not have noticed, and if I had, I would have laughed ^_^

  3. =D That's so funny! (I couldn't use the word hilarious because then my sentence would have looked remarkably like the comment left by the Carrie above.)

    I don't think I would have thought you had done it on purpose but I'm not surprised you found it funny enough to talk about via blog. =D

  4. I never would have thought a marijuana leaf- but, I realized while decorating my wall with a home made mod-podge fall leave collage; that, my adorable tiny maple leaves looked exactly like marijuana. Even my mother agreed. It isn't hanging on my wall anymore :)

  5. Maple leaf - yes! It is a stylized Japanese maple leaf.

  6. Yes, those Japanese Maples leaves are shockingly similar. And I think that is what that's supposed to be. Or a sweetgum leaf. All the same...hahahaha!!! :D


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