Saturday, November 21, 2009

On the Absence of Photos

More than two thirds into NaBloPoMo I paused to look back on all the things I've blogged this month. I've found that I've relied very heavily on pictures to get my point across in my posts this month. I was kind of surprised, because when I first started blogging it was a rare post that had even one picture in it, let alone a post made up almost entirely of pictures.

What is wrong with me?

If you take a look at this post, this post, or this post, all from my early blogging days. You'll see that these posts need no pictures. The humor stands on its own. Why now do I lean on pictures like a crutch? Have I gotten old and boring? (INCONCEIVABLE!) Have I lost the ability to be funny? (Horrors!) Or have I gotten lazy (Also horrors! But hopefully more likely.)

I don't know. I just don't know. I sigh. And I just don't know.

It's ok, though, because it's my blog and I'll do what I like with it. Because I'm a grown-up now and I can do things like that. And stuff.

But really. Please share your opinion on the subject of the use of pictures in blogging. Are they helpful, distracting, something else? Share your wisdom with me! (I wouldn't have you violate "buy wisdom and sell it not".  Sharing is not selling.)


  1. Depends on the subject. For instance, when talking about Trader Joes, a big thing you focused on was the visual aspect of the store and the products, so pictures are very appropriate and add a lot of context to the text. Same thing with your post on the bread recipe, or the vintage dress. When you feel like you can't tell a story without pictures, you might have a problem, but using them to add to the story is certainly nothing to be ashamed of.

    Now if you were to write a post on the doctrine of baptism and it just contained a bunch of pictures of rivers and baptistries I'd be a little worried.

  2. I always read your posts even if there are no pictures because I like your sense of humor and the way you "engage your audience."

    In general, yes- I think pictures enhance a webpage. But I'd rather read a long wordy post than one with a bunch of pictures haphazardly scattered through. I guess it depends on what kind of blog you have.

    I've found that I receive more comments if I share my opinion and give people something to read instead of just throwing images at them.

    I think a good example is the Pioneer Woman. She can post as many gorgeous images as she wants, but she relies mainly on her witty captions, explainations, and stories.


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