Sunday, November 8, 2009

The point of it all (is really to use more bullets).

  • Death  Cab for Cutie is playing from Silas's macbook pro as I stare at the screen of my own macbook, thinking about what I want to blog. Silas is sitting next to me, also blogging. We're kind of competing for blog hits right now. We're kind of total and complete geeks.  
    • Not that this will surprise any of you.
      • You are all quite aware of this, I'm sure. 
        • In fact, that statement of fact was totally unnecessary. 
          • As was that one.
  • Anyway(s?), the point of this post is to tell you about something very important that happened this evening; I had ice cream for dinner. 
    • In fact, not only did I have ice cream, but I had ice cream covered in reeses cups, kit kat bars, and milk duds. 
      • And not only that, but I topped it off with chocolate fudge sauce and swedish fish.
        • Oh, yeah.
  •  And you know what I had for dessert? Chocolate brownies made by my husband, who is a freaking amazing cook.
    • Tomorrow night he has promised to make me his long bragged about family recipe of "Spaghetti Without Meat" or what he sometimes refers to as "Mayonnaise Spaghetti".'
      • Can. Not. Wait.
        • I love my husband.


  1. I have never really understood why you would have spaghetti without meat when you could just have it with meat but despite that great mystery it is a pretty good pasta dish.
    You should ask him to make "favorite white (with bugs and worms)", "favorite brown", "dads favorite", and "Pauls favorite". Those are all good :-)

  2. This post made me say "aww". It also made me laugh. :D

    And major props to you both for having Macs!!

    Mmm....I'm hungry for ice cream now...

  3. Ice cream for dinner, and brownies for dessert sounds supremely wonderful!

    I like my sewing space too, aside from the fact that I can not yet sew. I don't have a belt for my machine. :(

    Thanks for the comment!
    Miss Eyebright

  4. Your food choices tempt me to ask if you are "eating for two?"

  5. Haha, Miss Kari... No, I'm not :)


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