Monday, November 2, 2009

A To-Do List Of Sorts (My husband taught me how to make bullets and then regreted it.)

  1. Write thank-you cards for wedding gifts.
    •  Silas and I are so incredibly thankful for the gifts we recieved upon our marriage. Those of you who have heard us speak on this subject know the depth of our gratitude towards our friends and family for all the support, kind words, and gifts they have bestowed upon us. (Seriously - we're some of the most blessed people we know.) This gratefulness, however, has yet to translate to paper.
    • I think, though, that this is still ok. According to the offical rules of etiquette, a thank-you card for a wedding gift is not tardy until more than three months after the wedding.
      • I pretty much adore etiquette books. Silas makes fun of me for this and he has some very witty philosophies concerning the irrelevancy of said books to society at large. My response sums up my philosophy: "Love of my life,  I will do your laundry, your cooking, and your cleaning. I will watch Gossip Girl, Weeds, and Stargate with you. I will even listen to the Backstreet Boys with you. But I will not abandon the time honored tradition of guilting one's self into following a bunch of silly rules in a book."
        • And that, my lovelies, is that. 
          • (Also spellcheck tells me "guilting" is not a word. To which I say "Bah!")
  2. Finish the window quilt for our living room.
    •  This hasn't happened yet because I've been engaged in mortal combat with my dishes this week and all last week was spent working on costumes for a friend's party.
      • We went as Pierre and Marie Curie. I actually made Silas a top hat.
        • It/we was/were awesome.
          • As we drove home from party on Saturday I commented on all the novelty costumes the college girls were wearing and exclaimed " You have one chance a year to research a famous historical figure and recreate the person. WHY GO AS A TART!?!?!" "And that" said my friend "is why you are a nerd."
            • Why is this under "Finish window quilt for our living room"?
              • I digress.
  3.  Finish unpacking upstairs
    • The downstairs (Which is still the second floor. Don't ask me to explain.) of our home has been unpacked for several weeks now. We entertain frequently (Read: two to three times a week.) so I have had much motivation to make it so. The upstairs, on the other hand, which houses our bedroom and my studio, has not received the attention it is due and there remain half unpacked boxes, sheets of watercolor paper, and random pieces of clothing, shoes and hats all over the place.
      • I am, therefore, resolved to take care of this mess once and for all. Or, at the very least, once.
  4. Buy a vaccum.
    • The fact that our friend, James, refuses to lay on the floor at our house for fear of his sweater emerging looking not unlike Nellie Olson covered in leaches (Name that book!) convinced me of this fact. He stated, matter of factly, "Your carpet sheds."
      • And it actually does. It's not dirty - it's just new. And you know how new carpet is. (I didn't, actually, until we moved here. At home we had 50 yr. old poop brown carpet.)
        • I just said "poop" in a blog post. I'm really sorry. Or at least ashamed.
      • And if we don't buy a vaccum we should, at least, get a couch so our poor friends aren't forced to sit on the floor, on piles of books, or on any small defenseless animals.
        • I don't know where the animal part came from. 
  5. Find more ways to rudely abuse bullets.
    • My husband just explained to me how to use these.
      • My favorite thing about them is that they map my digression beautifully.
        • I mean really, how awesome is this?
          • Really, freaking awesome.
            • I love my husband.
              • Alot.
                • But he hates it when I use the expression "alot" so I should probably stop using it alot.
                  • Probably...


  1. I miss you :(

    LOVE the new layout, by the way. The colors are really pretty!
    When you have time, you should do a vlog post........I think this nablopomo thing is really fun- I'm looking forward to reading more!

  2. Oooh, pick me! *raises hand* By the Banks of Plum Creek is where Nellie Olsen gets covered in leeches. *grins*

    Sounds like you are busy, in a good way!
    Miss Eyebright

  3. This post broke my iPhone feed reader :(

  4. Ok, my carpet, for the record is POOPY brown, not "poop brown". A LOT is 2 words!

    I love the bullets. Gives the eyes no excuse for not following.


  6. I am very happy I made it on the blog, even if I was just quoted as "a friend"!

  7. This post made me laugh- alot, thanks


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