Friday, November 20, 2009

Trader Joe's Continued

As I said in my last post, I've been feeling a wee bit homesick the past week or so. Yesterday was, what A.A. Milne would call a blustery day. Just the kind of day I love. An Oregon day. Perfect for a trip to Trader Joe's.

First things first. I ate a piece of bread (Which was still amazing after two days.) to make sure I didn't go shopping hungry.

I made a shopping list. Because I'm just a lists kind of person.

I then proceeded to my bus stop. This is my least favorite bus stop, mostly because I always miss my bus when I go this way. Also because it's the farthest away from my house of the bus stops I frequent.

I'd never been to the Trader Joe's here in Pittsburgh before, but I had looked it up on google maps and I didn't get lost once.

Once inside I proceed to take pictures of everything. Cliff bars are, despite the fact I don't really care for them, one of those things that remind me of Oregon, organic food, and home in general, so they were the first thing I photographed. The poor lady working in the aisle looked at me with confusion. "I'm blogging." I said. "Oh," she said "I wondered why on earth anyone would take pictures of cliff bars!"

I love the design of Trader Joe's. The colors and fonts are so pleasing.

 And everything about the store is so friendly!

This was in the freezer section. I did not buy it. But I think I'm going to try to make this sometime soon.

This package of lady fingers caught my eye because of the beautiful victorian packaging. I didn't buy these either - I'm saving up my daily sugar allowance for Dark Chocolate Mint UFOs.

Oh, joy! Oh, happiness! I first discovered these little delights when my sister-in-law gave them to me as a birthday gift. I was hooked. I can't eat them at present because I cut sugar out of my diet - but they are sitting in the drawer of my refrigerator, waiting for my body to right itself so I can partake in their heavenly goodness. (I don't understand the apostrophe on the sign.)

 LOOK AT ALL THE CHEESE! Too bad I'm also cutting dairy products out of my diet at present.

But the reason I decided to start making weekly trips to Trader Joe's is not the cheese. Or the desserts. Or the flawlessly attractive packaging. Or even because it reminds me of home.

It's because of the remarkably fresh and tasty produce.

If I can help it, I only buy Fuji apples. They are the best variety, hands down. Ever. And the ones I bought yesterday were a perfect example of the reason for my opinion.

Aren't these pearl onions cute

And just look at this bar of marijuana soap I bought!

I was, however, reminded that despite the marijuana soap this is not Oregon, when I realized there was no beer section on this Trader Joe's. The reason being that Pennsylvania law prohibits the sale of beer anywhere but at stores that are devoted to ONLY selling beer. Wanna know what I think about that? BOLLOCKS!

'Nyways, I hope you enjoyed looking at Trader Joe's as much I enjoyed visiting there. (Improbable, but possible.) Peace out!


  1. Ah! Lady fingers are one of the first things I ever remember our family buying at trader joes :)
    Check out all the french bri!!
    I seriously just got back from going to our trader joes and they didn't have a single one! :(

  2. can you believe I've never been to Trader Joe's? Looks like a great place tho. Glad it perked up your spirits a bit even tho it isn't home.

  3. What fun! If one MUST shop, Trader Joe's is the place.


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