Friday, November 27, 2009

Wedding Photobooth

When I think about our wedding, one of the things I look back on with the most satisfaction is the photobooth. I saw an idea for this on several wedding blogs and I wondered how I could implement this splendid idea in Silas and I's wedding. I talked to the lovely Miss Jessica and she consented to set up the booth and take pictures for us.

And we got marvelous results. Silas and I looked at the pictures together about two weeks after the wedding. We weren't sure what to expect at first but by the time we finished looking all we had to say was "We have the most awesome friends and family ever."

My brother, Rainor.

Mr. and Mrs. S.

Our DJ, Ryan.

Lynae, Hanna, and one of our photographers, Natalie.

Katie with an inside joke.

Andre. Or Louis. Or Gabe. It's really hard to tell with the wig/feather boa/bird's nest. (EDIT: It appears this is actually my brother-in-law, Abraham. Bad sister-in-law!)

Andy being deep.

Katie and my sister Christa... not being deep.

Andy and Amy.

Peter being silly. And mathematical.

Ellie being glamorous.

Ian being Ian.

Janice being sweet.

My brother, Daniel. And no, I don't understand either.

Mr. and Mrs. P. I laughed out loud when I saw this one.

Louis and Natalie. An Oregon Gothic?

The Pittsburghers who flew out for our wedding!
Back row: Jesse, Christi, Mike,  and Emily F.
Front row: Britt, Emily R. and Elizabeth

It's the Silas tummy!
Back row: Jesse, Christi, Elizabeth and Mike
Front row: Emily F., Emily R., and Britt

Thanks everyone for being so awesome!

All photos in this post courtesy of Jessica Swan.


  1. Luv the the creativity in your family! Everyone had such a good time, obvi. Happy Memories are the best ever!

  2. MWAHAHAHA. I'm totally on board with your decision to not put mine up here.

  3. BWHAHAHA! that is too cool! way too cool! :D

  4. I love the pictures! When I get married I'm going to have a hard time NOT copying your wedding because I want to do all the stuff you guys did!

    ROFL, Margaret!!! Yes, she tries to keep this rated PG. :)

  5. That's actually Abraham who's going to see you in Vegas....those glasses look hilarious on Silas- what a hoot.


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