Friday, December 11, 2009

Early Christmas Presents

Silas and I were really hoping to be able to home to Oregon for Christmas so that we could be with family. But by the middle of last month it became clear that a trip to home wasn't going to happen. Silas's work schedule, among other things, made it pretty much impossible for us to go. SO! Silas and I got ourselves a consolation prize. Google phones!

The red one is mine and the black one belongs to Silas. They have touch screens and do all sorts of spiffy things. We can talk, text, surf the internet, talk on instant messenger, check up on twitter, download incredibly cool apps, and my favorite feature, plan bus routes with the integrated GPS system. The latter is especially useful when one is out shopping in freezing weather

I've wasted far too much time this week selecting ring tones for all my friends and family (My brother's ring tone is Britney Spears' Toxic.) and learning to do sodoku sudoku puzzles. So I now have an actual Pittsburgh phone number - it's like I live here or something...

Despite the early Christmas presents, we're still stuffing stockings for each other, that is, if I would go ahead and get the stockings MADE. Peace out!

EDIT: And how could I forget to talk about the amazing barcode scanner app my phone has!? Anyway - it's awesome.


  1. And you forgot to say how insanely slow you are at typing on that thing. Dude! worse then me and that is saying a lot.

  2. Greaaaat, now I wanna have one too. I love smart phones!:)


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