Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Three (Epic) Graces

Sometimes, when I should be at the laundromat washing underwear and I find myself sitting on the couch eating bagels and cream cheese instead, my thoughts turn back to the days when I was less old/mature and more fun/ridiculous.

Those days involved lots of different people, but two of my biggest partners in crime (As in, those who most often participated in my ridiculousness, not the actual biggest.) were/are Margaret and Ellie. Together we formed "The Three (Epic) Graces" and also, the less widely known "Elisabeth and the Cotton-Headed Ninny-Muggins". I'd like to share a few memories with you of that time in my life.

If you have a medical/psychological condition that does not allow you to laugh and/or scorn/judge others, I advise you to leave this blog now.

This I call "Two Angels and a Cynic". As far as I can tell, it is the earliest picture of The Three Graces together.

 I call this one "Dirty Hippie with Two Normal People". Taken after an intense game of softball on my sister's birthday. (This was a moderately less intense game for Ellie, who tried to run to third base instead of first at one point. Homeschoolers.)
This one I call "Three Girls with Oreos and Long Hair". Taken after Silas and I had our engagement pictures taken. (Ellie and Margaret stood behind the camera being very bossy the whole time.)

I call this one "Girls in Glasses Confused at the Presence of Three Grapes". Taken after the baby shower for my Mother and Tommy Gunnar. (I was very, very sunburnt that day.)

This one is called "One Must Romance Cheesecake in Order for it to be Consumed Correctly". Taken after a particularly wonderful parish group. (In which food was smeared in the face of Margaret. Not by me.)

And this last one I call "Three Girls Incapable of Fitting an Entire Scoop of Ice Cream into Their Respective Mouths". Taken after a barbecue at a friend's house. (As far as I can recall, this is the last of the food pictures the three graces ever posed for.)

That is all. Hope you enjoyed. With any luck The Three Graces will be reunited again soon so we can get together, eat food, shop, sing, and experiment with wax. Peace out.


  1. totally epic! those are awesome pictures and times! :D
    Since most of those pictures involve food, I'm thinking y'all should change your name to The Three (Epic) Graces with Food. LOL!
    Love y'all!

  2. I love this post.
    And these pictures.
    I really, really, really miss you.

  3. Aw, this made me sad and happy at the same time.

  4. Your posts/writings and pictures/photos are amusing/entertaining.

  5. Your posts always brighten my day :)


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