Friday, January 1, 2010

2009; A Year In Review

In January:
I had no idea my life was about to be turned on its head.
I went to a ball.
I found out my cousin, Jason, had cancer and flew to Iowa to be with him.
I miss my brother while I was gone.
I also began my relationship with Silas, but my blog wasn't allowed to know about that yet.

In February:
I continued to live in Iowa and spend my days at the hospital with my cousin.
I started to realize that 2009 was going to be a huge year for me.
I vlogged for the first time.
There wasn't really much blogging going on in February because I was really busy with my family.

In March:
I decorated my room and posted pictures. Also, if you look you'll see there's a picture of Si stuck to the chalk board, so I was starting to let hints of Silas appear on my blog...
I discovered Josh Ritter.
I posted about Katie on her birthday.
I had my first Reuben and got involved with RUF.
I made this cute hat.

In April:
I got a little more overt about Silas.
As I prepared to go home, my aunt and uncle took me out to eat as a going away present.
I flew home to Oregon.
I made Cake Pops.
I went to the beach with my family.

In May:
May was a super crazy month. That is all there is to it.
My brother was born.
I made my Mom a cheese cake for Mother's Day.
My brother Daniel turned 14 and I made him a Millennium Falcon cake.
My brother, Rainor, and I started exploring breakfast places in Florence.
Silas proposed to me and made his premiere on this blog.

In June:
Mostly I blogged about wedding plans...
The Shoes
I turned 20 and made trifle. Silas also sent me chocolates.
I went shopping for wedding dress fabric with my girls.
The Veil
Margaret came over and we put together my dress.
The Invitations

In July:
I made these amazing muffins.
I had this hysterical conversation with Silas's little sister, Hanni. 
I made a test wedding cake. 
I drew a comic of my life.

In August:
I did not blog very much. Whether this was because of business due to wedding plans or lack of non-wedding inspiration, I know not.
I went on my last vacation with my family. 
Walter turned 2.
And of course, I got married.
The my camera broke on our honeymoon :/

In September:
We arrived in Pittsburgh.
I posted the 4 pictures I had from our roadtrip.
I let you tour our home. Part 1 and Part 2.
I posted a bunch of silly pictures of Silas and I.
The G20 came to Pittsburgh and craziness ensued.
Also, I began posting wedding pictures:
The Wedding; Part 1

In October:
The Wedding; Part 2
The Wedding; Part 3
The Wedding; Part 4
I discovered the secret to perfect pie crust.
Mildly Amusing Musings got it's own domain name and I decided to participate in NaBloPoMo in November.

In November:
I posted alot of interesting things. I'm not sure if alot happened in November, or if it just seemed like it because I blogged every single day.
Silas taught me to use bullets.
I made Glazed Apples and Sausage.
I joined the Bone Marrow Registry  in honor of my cousin, Jason, and explained why.
I discovered Joanna Newsom.
I discovered the perfect bread recipe.
Silas, Britt, and I went to a Toby Mac and Relient K concert.
I discovered I was lactose intolerant.
I posted pictures from the wedding booth.
I made dairy-free pizza.
I completed NaBloPoMo! Yay!

In December:
I butchered my hand.
We got Google Phones!
Silas and I found out we're going to have a baby.
I posted embarrassing pictures of Ellie, Margaret and I. 
Silas and I have an awesome Christmas. 
Then we packed it up and went to Iowa City to spend New Year's with my cousin, Jason, and the rest of my family.

This has been an incredible year for me. I hope that next year will be every bit as wonderful and I hope the same for you. Blessings!


  1. What a crazy year for you. I'm pretty sure this year will be just as crazy and wonderful for you ;)

  2. that sounds like an amazing year! 2009 was totally your year... maybe 2010 will be my year! ;)

  3. Shoutout to March! Silas showed us photos of himself on your is because you are both beyond adorable <3

  4. I'm so glad you posted this. As a newer reader, I hadn't seen most of these. After reading them I have to say I think you are a pretty amazing and talented person.


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