Friday, January 8, 2010

At 8 Weeks

 The Cons
  •  I am tired, ridiculously tired, all the time. I go to bed exhausted. I wake up in the morning wanting to take a nap on the couch, an urge which I frequently yield to.  Even going up the stairs makes me want to haul out a sleeping bag and collapse on the floor!
    • I've learned that I need to restrict myself to one outing a day or face reality of being an overly tired pregnant person who lacks mood stability.
      • This child is sapping me of all energy and it's not even born yet!
  •  I feel sick unless I'm shoving food down my throat. Best cure for morning sickness I ever heard of.  In addition to the bagels and cream cheese cravings I am now also desiring red popsicles with a passion that can only be described as single-minded. 
    • Last week it was fudgesicles. I ate the whole box, pretty much by myself. I even resorted to eating them when Silas wasn't around so he wouldn't ask me for one so there would be more for me!
      • I'm not particularly proud of that fact.
  • My back hurts, my neck hurts, my head hurts.
    • Last week Silas rolled over at 7 AM to rub my back because I was complaining about it.
      • SEVEN AM! I think he loves me.
  • I'm itching. All over my body and it's horrible. I have to take my clothes off and apply lotion twice a day.
    • And there aren't even mosquitoes involved.
  • I cry about anything and everything at the drop of a hat. My poor husband.  
    • When I apologized about the mood craziness last night he said "It's ok. I love you. And I knew what I was getting into. *pause* Well, actually, I didn't. But it's still ok, honey." 
      • Isn't he the sweetest! That pretty much makes me want to start bawling right now. 
        • I love my husband.
The Pros
  • In eight months I'm going to have a little Snider baby.
And all in all I'd say the Pros far outweigh the Cons.


  1. I totally get everything you are saying.=D

    I hope your second trimester relieves you of some of cons!

  2. Awww! If it's any consolation your amusing and witty writing style is still intact. : )

    I wanted to drop by and say we're singing in Washington, PA in March. It would be fun if you and hubby could come to a concert and we could meet you guys. Hopefully by then you'll be feeling better?? Let's hope and pray so!

  3. Oh dearie, I remember those days! I promise that it will get better sooner. The second trimester is usually much easier on you. Right now, you're so tired because your body is making a placenta for your baby!! Isn't that marvelous?

    The itching might have to do with the ultra dry air. Maybe you could get a humidifier? Or run your shower a few times per day for the moisture? Or put a pot of water on the stove for awhile?

    I used motion-sickness wrist bands to help with my morning sickness. I don't know why, but they really helped! Hang in there!

  4. haha! this post makes me so giddy with happiness for you! I'd definitely say the pro outweighs the cons! ;)

    I've been exceedingly tired lately too... i think its the weather cause I KNOW I'm not pregnant! LOL!

    praying for ya, girl! {hugs}

  5. Man. I cried when I got to the end. :hugs: -Laura P.

  6. Snider babies are the best!

  7. Congrats on your pregnancy Snider family! I'm especially excited for your mom that she will be a Grandma (I'm on a board with your mom).

    With my first pregnancy, I had itchies... horrible itching on my whole body. It was called PUPPS...or in my words, misery. (of course all worth it in the end). I now know that it is a liver issue, and taking milk thistle on a regular basis can take this away (not immediately, but it will start to get better as you take it). Milk thistle is safe during pregnancy... so try and get pure milk thistle, that is not combined with burdock, as burdock is NOT pregnancy friendly. (it is also ok if it is combined with dandelion... another liver detoxifier).

    I hope you find some relief. Your pregnancy sounds like mine... eating makes everything better!

  8. I think it's acceptable if you want things to be done your way while you're pregnant. Pregnant women have that privileges for sure and around 8 months, it's all gonna be really worth it. You gonna have the cutest baby :)

  9. You might try spirulina for the exhaustion. It's hard to take, even in smoothies it is overpowering. But you can get it in capsules, too. I think Debi Pearl's daughter sells it on her website. There is probably a link from No Greater Joy.


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