Thursday, January 14, 2010

Confessions of a Headband Hater

You know when you say that you hate something and your sister-in-law tells you you're just jealous? Sometimes your sister-in-law is right.

Here's the truth. I love headbands. LOVE THEM. I love headbands with bows. I love headbands with flowers. I love headbands with feathers. I even love headbands with with shiny blingy stuff on them!  Deep inside me there is a Blair Waldorf just begging to claw her way to the surface and satisfy her need for headbands in every size, shape, color and design!

Here is more of the truth. I cannot wear headbands. Put one on my head for more than 2 minutes and I have a splitting headache that will not go away and if left untended will quickly turn into a raging beast capable of sacking Carthage single handedly!  Yes, I have what is commonly referred to as a sensitive head. Which makes no sense because I can wear scarves (which sometimes are almost as cute as headbands.) with no problem. But pop a headband on me and I'm destined to cry.

Here is even more more truth, if you can handle it. I am ridiculously jealous whenever I see someone wearing a cute headband. Yes, yes that does mean you, Natalie. And you, Elizabeth. And especially you, Remy and Christina! You all disgust me with your cuteness that I am unable to attain! Oh yes, guilty of one of the deadly sins, right here.

Here is even more more more truth. I want boys. From my body, I mean, I want to have seven sons. I like boys. I think they're pretty easy going. They break things - yes. They hurt themselves and others - yes. They run around screaming and pretending to be Indians/monsters/soldiers/zombies - yes. But they will (hopefully) be relatively drama and emotion free. Oh yes. I like boys. But I want just three girls so I can live vicariously through them and turn them into little headband wearing Blairs.

The end.


  1. I'm so glad you came clean of this issue. Don't you just feel better inside now?
    And headbands are especially amazing on little girls.

  2. haha! you would look amazing in a headband.. have you tried the elastic ones that go all the way around your head? I wear those and I have a hard regular one with bling on it.
    I used to not be able to wear them for the same reason you don't, but decided I was GOING to wear them... after a week or so of a headache everytime I wore it, it didn't give me one.
    Ellie's right... headbands are amazing on little girls... I wish Lillie would let me do her rain all up. :(


  3. Oh, I feel your pain! I occasionally wear a hard headband w/ a ponytail, but it does hurt. The wide soft headbands look dorky on me, and the little thin ones that are like a piece of elastic? Those ones immediately slide off the back of my head because apparently I have a strangely-shaped head. And that *really* makes me sad, because I think the little elastic ones worn with a ponytail look oh so cute and sporty, but it's simply impossible for me to wear without clipping said headband in place with barrettes which, guess what....pinch as much as a hard headband!

    All that to say I quite agree. ;)

    Oh, and when I'm married and have kids I want boys too, for the same reasons you mentioned. Plus I just get along better with little boys. But little girl clothes and accessories are so cute too...

  4. Boys, boys the wonderful fruit, the more you have the more you...screech, lol, they are crazy and now so am I. But, I have lots, and lots, and lots of fun with them.

  5. Did you see the vintage-y headband tutorial I found? Mabe you don't wanna... Anyways. I want to have sons, too. But that paragraph just started out...weird.

  6. your last paragraph:)

    Maybe you could achieve the headband effect with clip-on bling, flowers or feathers? I've actually seen you try that before- it was cute.


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