Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Honeymoon Mustard is Gone!

This title probably requires a little bit of explanation, but not much. This is no metaphor. I mean, quite simply, the bottle of mustard that we bought on our honeymoon is gone. Today I went to make the amazing better-than-subway sandwich I've been making every day for the past week (it's my newest craving) and I used the very last bit of the honeymoon mustard. And it made me sad. Let me tell you why.

When Silas and I got married we had no money. I don't mean we had a little money. I mean we had no money. Silas had just finished his last month of Ameri-corp and didn't have a job yet.  He had his last Ameri-corp check mailed to Oregon, but none of the banks would cash it since he didn't belong to any west coast banks so we had no source of money until we got back to Pittsburgh. We paid for the rental truck but had no money for gas or hotels or food.  The morning of the wedding we had about 20 dollars to our collective names. But God provided for us.

Through the generosity for friends and family all of our needs were met and without us even having to ask. The morning after the wedding we went to the store and bought a Styrofoam cooler and all the makings for sandwiches. And that's what we ate everyday for lunch, and a couple times for dinner, for our entire 10 day road trip. I never got sick of it and every time I ate a sandwich I was was thankful that God had so wonderfully provided for Silas and I.

It's been over 5 months since then. Silas got a marvelous job two weeks after we arrived in Pittsburgh he now has lots of opportunities ahead of him. God has blessed us with innumerable blessings and I was reminded of that as I threw away the empty bottle of honeymoon mustard. I was a little sad because I really enjoyed the adventure that was our honeymoon and I'm sad that it's over.

But then I was also encouraged, because I know that our road trip was just the beginning of our adventure. We'll have more over the years and we'll continue to see God's goodness in our lives as we watch him provide for us. I'm so glad I get to have this adventure and I'm so glad I'm sharing it with Silas.


  1. I would find the mustard jar from the trash--clean it out--and keep it as a reminder of God's providence. A real keep sake also of your faith.

    God is so good.


  2. oooh! that is a brilliant idear, Cindy! you really should do that Lissie! :D


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