Saturday, January 30, 2010

I wrote my first computer program.

And this is what it does. A button appears, like so:
Then you push the button and a new window opens that says this:
The name of my program is "Immaturity" and I am ridiculously proud of my achievement.

My husband, however, scoffs and says "There are no images, amateur." Which leads me to break out into a stylized rendition of "Just you wait, Henry, Higgins" which goes something like:

"Just you wait, Silas Snider, just you wait!
You'll make me brownies but you pleas will be too late!
You'll be broke and I'll have money
because MY programming's funny!"

Anyways. I'm proud of me.


  1. Yeah, but is it open source?

  2. oh dude! that is hilarious, but your poem is hysterical! Oh how I wish I was as talented as Lissie Snider!

  3. Okay, the 'Enry 'Iggins totally cracked me up. Bravo, madam! Keep at the mad programming skillz ;)

  4. Wow I'm so impressed :) you're talented!

  5. That looks nothing like the first computer program I ever wrote. Of course mine was written in BASIC. (not counting the stuff I graphed in pseudo-code)


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