Monday, January 18, 2010

The Snider Family at 10 Weeks

What's going on with Baby Snider:
Right now Baby Snider is about the size of a strawberry. In scientific terms, Baby Snider is no longer an "embryo" but a "fetus"and now looks much less like an alien and much more like the tiny person that Mama and Daddy Snider will get to meet in 7 months. Baby Snider has little teeth forming in his or her mouth and there are precious little finger prints on Baby Snider's tiny hands. Right now Baby Snider looks something like this:
What's going on with Mama Snider:
Right now Mama Snider continues to feel not so great. She's been feeling a little less tired but much sicker. She can't wait to get to the second trimester, only 4 more weeks till the morning sickness and exhaustion fade into a distant memory. Time seems to be going fast. Ten weeks gone already! A full 1/4 done with the baby baking. Mama Snider's body is happy to be pregnant, though, and has already blossomed a very, very large baby bump. Right now Mama Snider looks like this:
What's going on with Daddy Snider:
Right now Daddy Snider continues his usual routine of working at Showclix with the addition of spending a little extra time rubbing Mama Snider's back and telling her not to be so grumpy. He recently bought the family an xbox and is thoroughly enjoying his purchase. On Friday he's flying to New York to interview at Google and he's very excited about seeing the Googleplex there. He's also enjoying his last few months of having long hair since he's shaving his head this Spring and donating it Locks of Love. Right now Daddy Snider looks something like this:

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