Friday, January 22, 2010

To Whom It May Concern (Namely, everyone I've talked to in the last two months.)

To full appreciate this you must imagine this letter being read with a very British accent i.e. Emma Thompson.

Dear World,

My recent gravidity has caused me to behave in ways I am less than proud of. My Mother, however, always taught me to take responsibility for my actions, whatever the cause. So I write this as an apology to my husband, my friends, random strangers on the street, and to the lovely people who read my blog and who have had the misfortune of experiencing my grumpy and generally horrible manners over the past few months.

I am now feeling much, much better and am ready to take on the world with my former patience and cheerfulness. To my husband: I would like to promise lots of tasty treats to make up for the endless weeks of craziness from me. I realize that's A LOT of cookies, but I shall endeavor to do so, regardless.  To my friends: I am ready to leave my house once more and look forward to seeing you out, about and at parties at my house.  To random people on the street: Your fly is unzipped. To my blog readers: I  promise that I shall again be capable of blog posts that do not include complaining about the injustices perpetrated toward me by the child in my womb.

With love and cupcakes,


  1. haha! awww! I so enjoyed all your crazy preggo posts! :D but am very happy to see you back to your old gorgeous cheery self, Lissie!

  2. I'm not really sure what's up with these ads in your RSS feed...

  3. I could totally see Emma Thompson saying
    "To random people on the street: Your fly is unzipped" hahaha :)
    I'm so glad YOU are back :)

  4. Does this mean we get cupcakes? Because if so, I am more than ready and willing to forgive you.

  5. Ian, was that for real? Too funny!

  6. I absolutely adore your blog and its honesty. I check it every once in awhile for a smile! And I hope that now that you're feeling better, we will see you & Silas at our place for the Superbowl :D


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