Monday, February 22, 2010

The Bright Side

Yesterday evening I popped in the shower. My perfectly lovely Sunday was marred by the fact that I tripped on the bus steps and fell down. All the way down. As in, laying on my side, my feet stretched all the way out behind me and my arms all the way out above my head. And I couldn't really, uh, move. Not because I was hurt all that badly, but because I, uh, was too fat, my boots were heavy, and the coat that I was all bundled up in made it difficult to move (though it provided excellent padding for the fall). Thankfully, I was helped up and I continued to my seat where I pretended to be fine. But I was embarrassed, shaken, in pain and as soon as we got home I sat down in our recliner and cried. I skinned my knee, the palm of my hand, and bruised my thigh.

My husband instructed me to go straight to bed so my body could work itself out and so that I could rest. My husband has lots of good ideas. This was definitely one of them. I woke up from my nap feeling much better and much less upset. My husband told me to go take a shower because I would feel even better after wards. Another one of my husband's capital ideas. (I love him!)

As soon as I got in the shower, however, I heard the toilet flush. Immediately my head popped out and my eyes commenced "evil wife glare". Silas immediately let go of the handle and the toilet stopped. You see, our toilet is kind of broken. You have to hold the handle down the whole time or it won't flush. Silas apologized "Oh, I'm sorry honey! I totally forgot! Fortunately, our toilet doesn't work." My glare melted away and I laughed "Fortunately."

And that, my friends is looking on the bright side! I highly suggest it. It makes one much happier, in general. And sometimes it ends in sitting in bed eating homemade hummus and homemade bread while your husband reads science fiction out loud to you.* (Did I mention I love my husband?)

A P.S. for those of you sweet blog readers who will probably inquire: I'm feeling better this morning. A little sore, but otherwise Baby Snider and I are doing just fine. I'm even considering taking the bus to Trader Joe's this afternoon! So you needn't worry about me :)

*Results not typical


  1. haha! so glad you're ok and so happy you have such a husband with such capital idears! :)

  2. Yes, very glad you are ok.

    I did a total belly flop at 3 months along. I sat down and cried too. And my husband told me to sit down and take it easy for awhile. I remember a movie and dinner (not made by me) following that. =D Husbands with good ideas (like going to bed, taking showers and buying cool cameras) are awesome! =D

  3. I feel for you. I did somewhat of a split down an icy hill while pregnant with Toby. Thank God for understanding husbands!

  4. Way to look on the bright side. That philosophy will yield much to you in the future, I'm sure! Walking never was your strong point, was it?

  5. No, Mother, it really never was :/


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