Thursday, February 11, 2010

Italian Envy + Food

So, for many years now I have desperately wanted to be Italian. Desperately. I love the language. I love the dark eyes and hair. And I love the food. I adore the food. I want to clasp Italian food to my bosom in a loving and endless embrace! Oh cibo italiano! Si rendere il mondo un luogo di bellezza e meraviglia!
After coming to the realization that I shall never be Italian, I did the only thing a girl in my position could do. I married and Italian and made an Italian baby. I can't wait to meet my adorable Italian baby. And just look at my handsome Italian husband!
Ahem. The point of this post is not to gush about my husband, how awesome he is, how well he cooks, how we're coming up on our 6 month anniversary, how he brought me home fast food the other night when I was in bed with a sinus headache, how he buys me chocolate and double stuffed oreos just cause he knows I like them, or how he doesn't get upset with me when I fall behind with my house work. No. The purpose of this post is to talk about the amazing Italian food I made last night.

Firstly focaccia. Olive and garlic focaccia.
My Italian husband scolded me for forgetting that he doesn't like olives. First I told him he was a rotten Italian. 
Then I promised that next time I would make it without olives. For him. I would still make Olive focaccia for me. Because it's amazing.
Plus, I made baked polenta with onions and cheese for him.
I don't really like polenta much. It's too grainy and corny for me. But Silas loves it (Proof that even if he is a rotten Italian, he is one, nonetheless.) and could eat it 5 times a week without getting sick of it. And, I mean, this really is the bestest way to eat polenta, even I will admit.
This is a special kind of spaghetti. The name of the sauce is "Spaghetti Without Meat" sauce and it's a Snider family recipe. I don't even know what goes in it, for sure. But I think it has tomato sauce, mayonnaise and soy sauce in it, for starters. My husband made a big batch of it earlier this weekend while we were snowed in. 

But, as you can probably see, when I pulled it out to use it last night I put meat in it (and mushrooms) which might make Silas's Mama rather horrified. But I know she'll forgive me because I have to get all my protein in to make sure my Italian baby grows up big and strong and bearded like his papa! (This week, I'm convinced it's a boy.)
So this is what my delicious Italian meal looked like. I was planning on making molten chocolate lava cakes too, but Silas and I were so full after devouring this feast of food that we decided to watch Little Miss Sunshine and go to bed without cake. Another time. I promise.
Silas took the whole casserole dish of leftover polenta to work for lunch today instead of the leftover spaghetti. Which I think is hilarious. Because if it were me I would want meat in my lunch. Thus, MY lunch consisted of an amazing sandwich on the heavenly olive focaccia.
Addio per ora i miei amici belli!


  1. oh my heavens... envy is not a big enough word! man! can I come live with you? haha! you make amazing foods!

  2. I use to ask mom to put meat into the Spaghetti Without Meat...she never did. lol.
    But dear, your nose is way to cute for you to ever wish to be Italian :)

  3. I never liked Spaghetti Without always seemed to be missing something, like meat...! ;)

  4. I shouldn't have read this before I ate... Im hungry lol

  5. What's the matter with Italian noses?!

  6. Lizzie you make asome food! I wish I had relized that BEFORE you left :D Haha!

  7. That food all looks wonderful. Except for the olives, of course.

  8. "I want to clasp Italian food to my bosom in a loving and endless embrace!"

    Ha! :)

  9. Never stop making food with olives in it.


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