Thursday, February 18, 2010


Here in Pittsburgh we've received record snowfall for the month of February. So far we're hedged in on all sides by more than 30 inches of snow. With several inches today and another six expected on Monday, we Pittsburghers a wee bit weary of the snow. Even the biggest snow enthusiests among us are beginning to gripe. THE SNOW JUST DOES NOT STOP! It snows pretty much all the time. The U of Pitt students are fondly referring to this plague as "Snowpocalypse". (Perhaps less fondly since they found out they get to make up their snow days on Saturdays. But that is neither here nor there.)

I've enjoyed the snow mostly, since it keeps snowing it's not melting. Melting snow is disgusting, especially in the city. And since Silas and I don't have a car, we don't have to worry about the hassle of digging it out, putting a chair in our parking spot, etc... I only fell in a snow pile once but began bawling immediately as my pants were instantly soaked and I realized that I was too fat to get up. You might think this extremely comical and I must admit that it is very funny to me now. But at the time it seemed like the worse thing that could possibly happen. Thankfully Silas was with me and lifted me out "as though I weighed no more than a dry leaf!" (I sincerely hope that my readership can name that movie.)

 This is a lovely glob of ice that is currently stuck to my neighbor's downspout. I predict alot of business for gutter companies this spring.
This is the house across the street. They're already trying to repair the damage to their gutters, I saw the husband and wife outside yesterday with saws. The wife clearly had no idea what she was doing and the husband kept yelling at her to stop screwing everything up. It was hilarious. For me.
This is the view from my front steps.  If you look you can see that it's actually snowing pretty steadily while I'm taking this picture. Isn't Bloomfield pretty!? I like the variety of houses on our street.
This is the view from my back porch. I can't walk on it because it's condemed. But I like to store garbage out there and secretly hope it will fall through the rotten wood onto our psychotic neighbors who live beneath us. I'm evil. I know. Also, note, there are MORE colorful houses.
Also taken from my back door. My neighbors' yards are a complete mess of snow.
While standing in the back doorway taking pictures, I happened to turn to look at the side of our neighbor's house and saw this window. I think it's beautiful.

If the snow keeps coming I'll keep taking pictures. Until then, stay warm and don't get hit by any stray buses. (Though my husband points out to me that you get a HUGE cash settlement if you get hit by a bus, so it might be worth sacrificing a limb or two. Don't listen to my husband, though. He's silly.)


  1. I've never woken up with blankets of snow like that. So pretty! I think I need to travel during winter in your part of the world :)

  2. The movie was Sense and Sensibility when Marianne remembers how Willoughby rescued her after she turned her ankle. Just so you know, Hanni's still jealous of your snow - she's a firm believer in you never can have too much snow.


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