Saturday, February 27, 2010

Various Photos

I'm having a really good time with my camera. I'm still getting used to the idea that I actually have it. I keep forgetting and I find myself going "I wish I had a nice camera. Oh wait! I DO!" Here's some things I've taken pictures of recently.
My Dad sent me these for Valentine's Day.
Clean glasses drying in my new and amazing dish drainer.
A chandelier at the The Sphinx, the hooka bar we went to the other night. I didn't actually take this picture. My camera was passed around alot that night and when I got home this picture was there. It could have been taken by any number of our friends.
 I love taking pictures of people. Since I'm home by myself alot of the time, I take alot of pictures of myself. Not because I'm particularly vain. Just because I like faces and don't have any models to practice on.
I call this one "Preggo face".
 And I call this one "In the Bathroom Mirror with a Blue Shower".


  1. Hooka bar?! Whaaaat? We have a pretty nifty hooka bar here too. Although when I went I was like 36 weeks prego and the thought of smoke made me gag. I stayed away. Although I am looking forward to possibly going out again.

    I love all the pictures. You're camera is very cool. And your face is beautiful. :) <3

  2. Yes, your face is beautiful--stop complaining about it. And your camera takes awesome close-ups! Wish mine could do that.
    Miss Kari

  3. Beautiful photos, glad you're having fun with your camera! I borrowed a really nice camera with my dream lens over the weekend and it was just way too much fun!

  4. Your dad is so sweet senind you that for Valentine :) Love the photos!


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