Wednesday, March 3, 2010

At 16 Weeks

I feel big and beautiful.
 My hair is suddenly shiny. My face has become clear of zits. My skin glows. I understand now why people say that they love being pregnant. It makes sense. All that misery of the first trimester is a distant memory. I have energy again. My mood is completely stable. I feel happy most of the time. I love being pregnant.

Comfort has become my priority. I actually left the house today wearing leggings... like, instead of pants... I was agonized over this decision for about two seconds. Then I said what the heck. Silas was all "What would Blair Waldorf say!?!" and I was all "Blair Waldorf has never been pregnant and has therefore never been introduced to the wonderful thing that is maternity leggings!" (Just as an aside, TIGHTS ARE NOT PANTS! Leggings aren't really either, but I would say it's a much more debatable subject. Tights are out of the question.)

I had my second prenatal appointment yesterday with my lovely midwife, MeriBeth. We listened to the heartbeat again. We found it instantly this time, no searching around, begging for Baby Snider to come out of hiding. I was given a clean bill of health and told that Baby Snider and I are both very healthy and doing well.

I can feel my uterus, about halfway between my naval and my pubic bone. It's so hard! I suppose it makes sense since it's just one giant ball of muscle that is preparing to push Baby Snider out in a few months. But still. I wasn't expecting it to be so firm.

That's about all I have right now. But I'd just like to give a shout to apple cider vinegar. Not only did it clear up the horrible external yeast infection I was cursed with last week (TMI?), but it also makes my joints so much less achy! 

Peace out!


  1. I will deliberately ignore your hideous fashion choices and move on to : I'M SO GLAD YOUR FEELING BETTER.
    Huzzah for no more morning sickness! :)

  2. I love this! so happy you're so happy and everything is going splendid! {hug}

  3. Apple Cider Vinegar? Did you drink it? I'm very curious :)

  4. @Army of Six - For my infection I rinsed with it several times a day. But for my joint pain, yes, I did drink it. I like vinegar in general, so I didn't find it that difficult to get down. Some people suggest taking it in a glass of lemon water with a little honey if you can't handle the taste of it straight.

  5. My mom says that growing up, her mom would make her and her sisters take a daily dose. The smell has always stopped me from getting that close, but now I'll have to research it a little more!

  6. You do look glowing and happy :)

  7. I think I know your midwife! Is she from Merry Blessings? If so, she's wonderful!

  8. You look great, Elisabeth. I'm glad you are feeling better, too.


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