Thursday, March 18, 2010

At 18 Weeks

Hello Lovlies!
I just realized I neglected to post the bi-weekly pregnancy update at the beginning of the week as is usually my custom. I'm sure it wasn't particularly missed, but here it is. If for no one else, then for me. I'm not keeping a pregnancy journal (I tried and failed miserably) so these updates will be good for me to look back on later.
So I'm 18 weeks. Just two weeks shy of halfway. It's beginning to become apparent that I'm pregnant, even to people who don't know me. I've outgrown one of my pairs of maternity pants now.  Not because I've gained weight on my hips or thighs, but because my hips have spread in preparation for birth. This works for me because I've always thought my lower body was too narrow in comparison to the rest of my body, so this is good!
At first it was just the extra hormones that was causing it. Then Baby Snider got bigger and started putting pressure on my bladder. In addition, the amniotic fluid Baby Snider is floating in is completely replaced every 6 to 8 hours which adds to the fluid that needs to be expelled from my body. Night time is miserable. Last night I had to wake up and use the restroom three times. 

My sleep is fragmented... but I need it so much! When Silas and I stay up past 11:30 or so I have to sleep all morning to get enough rest. If I have time I nap in the afternoon too. As Silas, my family, or any of my close friends could tell you, my general good mood completely disappears when I am tired. Suddenly I turn into a grumpy devil or sorts who is NOT pleasant to be around...

Also. I now waddle.


  1. If you're waddling now......can you please take a video and put it on here so we can see? Just about 3 1/2 more months you'll have a baby!

  2. I think you are awfully cute! =D (And I agree - a waddling video would be kinda funny.)

  3. Along with waddling, could you ask Silas if you are a quack?


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