Thursday, April 15, 2010

At 22 Weeks

I completely missed the 20 week update due to being out of town and suddenly here I am at 22 weeks! So, here's a picture of what I look like right now:
I feel the baby move all the time now, especially at night. A couple of people have asked me what it feels like when the baby moves. Well, for me it feel like my stomach lurching. You know that feeling... my first instinct is "Oh no, I'm gonna throw up!" then I remember it's just the baby moving. Every once in a while I have Silas put his hand on my belly and see if he can feel. No success yet.

I have to pee SO often and I discovered, due to some embarrassing circumstances, that I can no longer "hold it". When I say I have to go, it means "GET OUT FROM IN BETWEEN ME AND THE BATHROOM OR I WILL PEE ON YOU!" I feel like a five year old. But it's ok... I blame my Italian Baby and get on with it. Silas thinks it's ridiculous that I have to go so often, though, and driving back from Iowa he rolled his eyes every time I asked him to stop so I could pee (which was about once an hour...).

But really, other than having to pee all the time, I feel remarkably well! No sign of morning sickness or nausea at all. My back doesn't ache nearly as much as it did at first. I have trouble getting up off the couch sometimes and if Silas is sitting next to me I ask him to give me a push. But I'd hardly mark that as something that makes me feel miserable.

All in all, I think that next time I get pregnant I want to start out at 22 weeks, because, so far, it's the best.

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  1. I heard after the first trimester it doesn't hurt anymore and you don't puke and such. You look great. Having a baby move inside you must be an amazing experience :) I get all gushy here.


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