Monday, May 10, 2010

At 26 Weeks

This has been a weird, weird week pregnancy wise. Lots of stuff has happened so I have a lot to report on!

When Silas left on Sunday I decided I was going to try and get in better walking shape. When Silas and I walk somewhere I always want to walk slower than he does and he gets rather annoyed... SO I thought since I have two weeks with him gone I would walk more so that when he came back I would be able to keep up! It was a good idea and started out great. I walked a mile every since day last week. Then, over the weekend, any walking I did caused me to have contractions. Not braxton hicks which come and go, but actual contractions that would continue for about 15 minutes after I finished moving. So my midwife nixed it. No more walking or strenuous exercise. *sad face*

I know it's important to rest so that I don't go into early labor, but it's pretty discouraging because I've been putting on a bunch of weight and I was hoping that the walking would help to counter that. Plus, it's hard for me to move around when I'm this heavy and the walking was really helping with my mobility. This week I weighed in at over 200 pounds, that's almost 50 pounds since I got pregnant. And I still have 14 weeks to go! If I gain one to two pounds a week for the rest of my pregnancy I'm going to be... huge. But as Silas says "What are you gonna do? You can't stop eating." And he's right.

I had my 25 week appointment with MeriBeth on Thursday. Overall I'm doing well and staying healthy. We measured my belly and I'm measuring a few weeks ahead. Why is this? We don't know. maybe my dates are a little off. We listened for two heart beats with the doplar to make sure there's only one baby and we only found one heart beat. So I dunno what's up with that. Britt says that it's because Silas is half giant and so is his baby. I think that's a believable excuse as any. Plus it explains both the weight gain AND the uterine growth. I will soon be taking bets on how much my baby will weigh.

The weather has been warmer this week and at first I was thrilled! But only until I discovered that with the nice weather comes misery in the form of swelling. My ankles, which have always been tiny, swelled up to the size of huge sausages. I couldn't even see the bones in my ankles! When I wore my tennis shoes I could feel my feet pouring over the sides of the soles. It looks like I'll be getting some Birkenstocks for the summer to house my fat feet.

So, here's a picture of me, all dressed up for Mother's Day:
Here's me in the same dress three years ago. I was 70 pounds lighter then than I am now. Will I ever be that thin again? We don't know... (Please ignore the braces, over-plucked eyebrows and bad hair. I was 17. I didn't know better.)
A couple of people wished me "Happy Mother's Day!" yesterday. And I must admit that every time I got kind of teary eyed. I'm so happy to be having a baby, to be a mother. It's so much that I've wanted for such a long time. I laid in bed last night feeling the baby move and all I could feel was overwhelming joy and gratefulness. I haven't gotten to hold my baby in my arms yet, but I already know it's worth it. Worth the swelling, the back pain, the extra weight. Worth it all.


  1. A couple people wished me happy mothers day too! :D It made me happy! :D I already know that it's all worth it too! I love our baby so much already!!!! :D

    I've wondered the same about if I'll ever be thin like I was again or not... but somehow I don't care if I ever am! I'm really just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to be having a sweet little baby! :D You look BEAUTIFUL by the way! And happy late mothers day to you! ;-)

  2. That's right, happy Mother's Day! YAY! You are just plain adorable. Don't let the numbers on the scale worry you unless the midwife gives you a reason to worry.

    That stinks that walking will cause contractions, but at least you know an easy way to get labor moving if you're finding yourself at 41.5 weeks ors omething :)

    Maybe you can do some light stretching/prenatal pilates/prenatal yoga or something.

    I never really measured on-par with what the textbook says you should measure. I think it's a rather unscientific way of doing things, really. i mean it's not like every woman's uterus is going to grow exactly 1cm per week equal to the weeks she is pregnant! Just like not all women deliver at 40w exactly.

    We're all built a little different, ya know?

  3. You Look great Lizzie,I am so happy for you!

  4. what a sweet post! you look quite great in that dress with your baby belly!

  5. You don't look 200 lbs at all! :) You look really cute.

  6. Great pics! Love the "over plucked eyebrows"

  7. Don't worry about the weight, Lizzie. I know you will breast feed and that will help the weight to fly off quickly. And yes, you do look beautiful!


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