Saturday, May 1, 2010

Big news in the Snider Empire!

On a very rainy day in Bloomfield, a package arrived at the Snider domicle.
 It turned out to be a job offer.
 Silas made a happy face.
 Elisabeth also made a happy face.
And then Silas made an enormous batch of banana pudding and they spent the afternoon watching Bones being stupid.
Ok, so now that I'm done talking about Silas and I in the third person I'll answer a few questions. (Seriously though, Bones is our new favorite show. Ever. Also, Silas makes fabulous banana pudding.)

Question: So are you guys moving?
Answer: Nope, we get to stay in Pittsburgh! Though we do hope to move to Lawrenceville area later this summer. (To a row house with a washer and dryer hopefully!)

Question: Does Silas get to go visit the Mountain View Google campus?
Answer: Yup! Silas leaves tomorrow for two weeks of Google indoctrination in Mountain View. He's positively giddy. I mean he really CANNOT wait.

Question: What will Silas be doing for Google?
Answer: He will be what is called a "Site Reliability Engineer" or an "SRE".

Question: What does that mean?
Answer: I'd tell you, but Silas would have to tell me first. Then he would have to kill me.  Basically. That's just how Google rolls. 
Question: If I ask Silas will he tell me?
Answer: You can ask Silas personally, but he can only tell you so much before he says "Sorry to be a jerk, but I am not actually allowed to tell you."

I hope that answered most of your questions regarding the recent happenings in the Snider family!
P.S. Thanks for all your condolences in relation to Jason. I really appreciate it. I've been doing better this week. Hopefully the trend continues. Thanks again. And please remember to pray for his Mom, Jacki.


  1. It's such a big deal! Amazing! Congratulations for Silas. Have a great celebration, you two.:)

  2. Congratulations. Sounds like a WAY cool job!

  3. That is such fantastic news. I'm really happy for your family! Too bad you couldn't go with Silas to Cali.

  4. Yeah, it really is too bad I couldn't go. Maybe next time!


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