Friday, May 14, 2010

If it's a boy...

...I'm going to have way too much fun dressing him like a little man.

I had some leftover corduroy from a vest I made for Si this winter so I made a baby version of his vest.

There aren't actual button holes. I just sewed the buttons on the front. I'm planning to attach snaps on the inside to fasten it shut.

The lining is also made from leftover fabric. It's actually from the dress my sister is wearing in this post.
Hipster baby much?


  1. Oh MY!! *swoon*
    Alright, now you MUST have a boy. Really.

  2. That's such a cute vest. You'll raise a little gentleman for sure, if the baby's a boy :)

  3. Aww... What a cutie patootie he or she will be!

  4. That is so cute. Little man clothes on baby boys are the best! :)


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