Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tweet, tweet, I'm a bird!

I'm a mama bird with her baby tucked safely beneath her wings. And I'm nesting. Silas is gone and I am spending my days curled up in our bedroom/studio sewing baby clothes.

I'm not sure why I'm on this baby clothes kick. I've never really been into baby clothes before now. (Also never really been into babies before, either. Toddlers, YES, babies, not so much...) But for some reason the thought of making iddy biddy dresses and overalls is currently enough to make me want to die in raptures. The little pin tucks, the tiny corduroy, the microscopic buttons! AHHH! EXCUSE ME, I'M FEELING FAINT!

Since we don't know if we're having a boy or a girl I've decided to make some boy clothes and some girl clothes and to just tuck away whatever we don't use for a future baby. I'm sure that at some point we'll have boys and girls. And if we happen to have nine girls and no boys, handmade baby clothes always make excellent gifts!

I love to sew. People probably laugh to themselves when they ask what I like to do and I tell them "Sewing is my favorite thing ever!" But it's true. It's like making art. Very practical art. You design a creative garment, then you carefully cut the pieces required, then you assemble them with skill and precision, and in the end you are rewarded with a beautiful piece of wearable art!

And I fully intend on making my baby a little canvas.

I sew a great deal, but I never really showcase any of my creations here on the blog. You've see my wedding dress and that's about it. So over the next week I plan to show you little bits of sewing projects I'm working on. (Never fear Rachel, I shan't be posting any picture of your dress till after the wedding!)  I'm also planning on posting some pictures of my work space, since I've just recently gotten it all unpacked and set up (more nesting).

So stay tuned!

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