Friday, June 11, 2010

30 Weeks!

Baby Snider and I have been living together in this body for 30 weeks now. Only ten more to go before our ways will begin, ever so slightly, to part paths. I can tell Baby Snider is craving more space. I get kicked harder and more frequently. Yesterday morning Silas rested his head on my belly while he watched tv and pretty soon Baby Snider was kicking Daddy in the back of the head! It was pretty funny and we were both laughing at our silly little baby.

I'm still carrying pretty low. I feel kicks in my ribs, but I still don't have that "bruised on the inside" feeling that I've heard other moms talk about. That's how my mom carried me and she said I made her VERY uncomfortable. The only time I feel really uncomfortable is when I eat too much (or really have to pee) and then Baby Snider starts to kick me. THAT is a weird and unpleasant feeling.
 Twice this week I've misjudged how big I am have gotten stuck while trying to squeeze between two objects. I guess my belly is pretty big now - I'm up to 210 pounds. I told Silas the other day "My tummy is SO big!" Silas just looked at me and said "Well yeah, there's a baby in there!" Duh, Elisabeth. I forget sometimes, still.

Stretch marks have begun to adorn the bottom of my tummy. So far they're just faint, lavender, lightening bolts. They're not nearly as bad as I thought they would be. Not yet, anyway.  My belly button is remarkably shallow, but it hasn't popped yet, which I think is funny because I've noticed lots of pregnant women smaller than me with outies.
Overall, I'm doing fairly well. At night my hips hurt pretty bad and sometimes I have to ask for Silas's support to roll over. The pain is worse if I've walked more than usual or spend a lot of time standing that day. But I think that's pretty normal as far as pregnancy goes.  Also, I'm finally sleeping normally again - I don't know what was up with the insomnia from a couple weeks ago, but I am SO glad it's gone. Everything in life is better when you get enough sleep!

As you can probably see in the picture, my feet are very swollen. This bothered me a lot when it first started happening, but now I've come to terms with my kankles and I just wear my trusty target flip flops everywhere, my feet being too fat for anything else. I should probably get some birkenstocks soon.
Everything is moving so fast now and there is so much going on at the Snider domicile. You know that "furiously laying track as the train fast approaches" feeling? Yeah, that would describe our life at present. There is just so much to get done before we meet Baby Snider! But we wouldn't have it any other way. Life is good for the Sniders.


  1. Yeah, the kicking of the bladder was one of my least favorite things. :)

    I hate to break it to you, but my worst stretch marks developed in the last 3-4 weeks of the pregnancy. :( One thing that helped was rubbing a good lotion into them and NOT scratching. I used Kiss My Face Olive and Aloe lotion. I think it lessened the amount, and helped greatly with the itching.

    I didn't have a lot of trouble with ankle swelling, fortunately.

    Gosh, this is making me want another one - stretch marks and all! lol

  2. You look gorgeous! I really enjoy reading your blog and pregnancy updates! I think stretch marks are beautiful, although I got few the 1st time, I collected a bit more with #2 and #3 and have learned to love them. And true, I did not get mine until the last month when baby grows a lot! And lol about fitting through spaces, I did that all the time, I found myself parking at the end of parking lots to be sure I could get in and out of my car door w/o being too close to another car :)

  3. Oh you look beautiful! I'm glad that you're not too uncomfortable, and I can't wait to meet your little one.

    Seriously, the world is outright conspiring to give me baby fever :)

  4. I like your ruffly outfit. Hang in there; I can't relate, but I respect what you're going through. You are awesome! :)


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